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Want to work with a SEO agency that is data-driven and purposeful to make your website a Google favourite? Contact Webamp today for help with your SEO strategy - we're your ambitious SEO company.

SEO-agency for the ambitious

From fast-growing web shops to international companies, as a SEO agency we have helped many ambitious clients become visible in Google and other search engines.

Despite the diversity of our client portfolio, one thing is common to each of our SEO partnerships: tailored solutions that match each company's reality, vision and values. And while our clients are diverse, they all share a common desire: They want to be found on Google by their target audience.

And this is exactly where SEO can be an indispensable asset - and Webamp , as a SEO company, can be your company's most important asset in the battle for those coveted top Google rankings. So if you have ambitions to get your website performing in the search engines, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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360 degree SEO company

As a 360-degree digital marketing agency, we master all the disciplines of SEO. This way, as a Webamp client, you are guaranteed SEO strategies that take into account all pitfalls and optimisation opportunities.
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Webamp is a 360 degree SEO company

On-page SEO

We optimise necessary parameters at the front end of your website - everything your users can see and interact with, and which Google therefore prioritises when it comes to ranking. Our on-page optimisation includes:

  • optimisation of internal link structure and anchor texts
  • optimization of navigation in both menu and content
  • producing well-written, unique and user-friendly content that takes into account keywords, search intent and target audience.
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Technical SEO

We identify and fix technical pitfalls on your website - everything that's in the source code and invisible to users, but that Google prioritises in its ranking of your website. This includes:

  • Optimisation of URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags and other metadata
  • Correct setup of HTML tags
  • Monitoring indexing in search engines
  • Setting up structured data
  • Monitoring and redirection of 4xx pages
  • Monitoring of inappropriate response codes
  • Speed optimisation.
Technical SEO is a big part of our product as SEO bureau

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is the unwavering foundation of all SEO strategies. It ensures that we don't produce content blindly, but instead write with your target audience in mind - and especially the keywords they use to find your services or products.

That's why we start every SEO collaboration with a thorough keyword analysis, and continually review and adjust the analysis to keep your keyword strategy up to date.

Keyword analysis is always based on your target audience, and we collect data from both first-party sources such as Google Search Console and third-party sources such as Ahrefs and Semrush to build the best possible foundation for an optimal SEO strategy.

Keyword analysis is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy.


Link building is about getting relevant and trustworthy websites to link to your website. You can think of it as a kind of recommendation of relevance and credibility to the search engines. In Webamp , as with all other areas of SEO , we work data-driven with link building. This means that we stand for:

  • Analysis of the need for links to selected landing pages and keywords
  • Selection of relevant anchor texts and target URLs
  • Analysis of domains based on parameters such as relevance, authority and traffic potential
  • Monitoring and rejecting spam links and other potentially harmful links.
As a SEO agency, we do link building, among other things.

Process-oriented SEO company

We are a process-oriented SEO agency - simply because a successful SEO strategy stands or falls with processes and project management.

That's why tried and tested project management is the framework for every one of our clients' strategies... so we can guarantee that your SEO strategy is followed to the letter and that nothing falls through the cracks.

We are a process-oriented SEO agency

A SEO agency with specialists behind it

At Webamp , we focus on specialists rather than generalists - we'd rather know a lot about a narrow field than a little about a broad one. And it's not that we're not curious. It's simply because we want to ensure that our clients always have dedicated specialists behind them to manage their marketing channels.

Our SEO specialists do what they do best - just like our skilled colleagues in Google Ads SoMe marketing, content and web design also do what they do best.

In Webamp you become a customer of a SEO company backed by specialists
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Are we a match for you?

Of course we want as many customers as possible - but not at any price. Because not everyone is a match for Webamp.

But is your business thinking long-term and do you understand that one-off, hourly tasks are not a shortcut to success in search engine organic results? Then Webamp could be your next SEO agency.

Are we the right SEO agency?

We are if your company can answer "yes" to several of the following:
  • Want specialist knowledge
  • Want to influence your own SEO strategy
  • Thinking long-term
  • Will expand and develop marketing efforts.

We play all positions

At Webamp , you'll be met by an experienced team of specialists who have mastered all the disciplines that drive search engine results. Because like any well-tuned sports team, we each play our position. Together, we create synergy on the pitch - and that increases your chances of hitting the mark.

So our SEO team includes strategists with data drills firmly under their belts, technical specialists with an understanding of everything in the engine room of your website, tracking specialists with knowledge of setting up and tracking key metrics, and copywriters who deliver user and search engine friendly content for your website.

Our SEO team includes specialists in all fields.

Free digital marketing knowledge

Would you like to know more about how we as SEO agency can help you? Visit our Webamp Academy page for free knowledge to boost your business digitally. Explore our knowledge universe here.

We keep your SEO strategy core healthy

As a 360 degree SEO company, we are with you every step of the way - from initial strategy to ongoing assessment and optimisation. That way, your SEO strategy not only gets the best start in life, but also gets frequent health checks so your website is always core healthy and in top shape in Google's eyes.
Keeping your SEO healthy is an important job for us as SEO agency

Strategic basis

Our strategic foundation rests first and foremost on knowledge of your business and your business goals - but also, in turn, on your insight into our approach to SEO. That's why every SEO collaboration starts with a conversation where both parties can get to know each other.

Of course, we also do competitor analysis, collect data from search engines and use knowledge of user behaviour and search intent to develop long-term SEO strategies. Our strategic foundation includes:

  • Competitor and keyword analysis
  • Analysis of page and menu structure
  • Technical review of website
  • Complete timetable.
Our strategic foundation rests first and foremost on knowledge of your business and your business objectives

Synergy across channels

SEO is an important source of website traffic. But it can't do it alone - your audience acts differently depending on where they are in their buying journey. 

That's why our SEO specialists work cross-functionally with their colleagues in paid advertising on Google and social media. This helps to ensure synergy across all digital channels. As a client of Webamp , your company therefore receives:

  • Ongoing conversion optimisation
  • CTR analysis for click optimisation in search results
  • A team of SEMand SoMe specialists working across digital channels.
Technical SEO is a big part of our product as SEO bureau

Monitoring and optimisation

Within SEO there is no resting on laurels. Google's algorithm is complex and competition for certain keywords can be high. Therefore, it is important to continuously evaluate the success of the initial SEO strategy.

For the same reason, we constantly monitor our clients' websites to ensure the right direction. This includes:

  • status of development in industry-relevant keywords
  • monitoring of Google index
  • monitoring SEO generated traffic and conversions
  • adjustment of metadata, content and technical parameters.
As a SEO company, we also provide continuous monitoring and optimisation

Have your SEO

Do you need professional help with search engine optimisation - and do you want to work with a SEO agency that thinks database-driven, strategically and holistically?

So don't hesitate to contact Webamp today to find out more about how we can make your website visible in an increasingly digital world.

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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In short, SEO is the work of optimising your website so that it is found on keywords that are relevant to your business and your target audience.

Search engine optimisation aims to push your website to the top of Google's rankings - all the way to the coveted top spots.

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Why work with SEO?

Simply because it can be your shortcut to success on Google - and therefore success in your business. Because one thing is having a website. It's another thing to get it seen by your target audience.

Without a targeted SEO effort, your website is likely to live a lonely life in the darkest recesses of Google - far from the attention of your potential customers. That's why SEO is an important part of your marketing strategy if you want organic traffic to your website.

Why work with a SEO agency?

Because search engine optimisation is a comprehensive and technical discipline that requires strategic oversight, an understanding of search engine algorithms and a constant eye on industry best practices.

With a SEO agency behind you, you and your colleagues can focus on your core business without worrying about Google algorithms and source code.