311% increase in organic traffic to inspiration universe. How Webamp's content department brought readers to the housing developer's blog.

Selected results

Results - first half of 2021 vs. last half of 2020
44 %
Total increase in organic traffic
70 %
Total increase in new organic visitors
311 %
Increase in organic traffic to blog universe
348 %
Increase in new organic visitors to blog universe

Content strategy made housing developer visible on Google

Bonava is a Northern European residential developer, selling and developing new homes in Northern Europe and the Nordic countries. In the company's own words, however, they don't just build homes - they build homes and neighbourhoods where people live their lives.

Bonava was among the first to offer swan-labelled apartments and has a particular focus on building sustainably in its development of new neighbourhoods - for the benefit of both future residents and the future environment.


Information about the customer



From May 2020


As a SEO agency, Webamp has all the tools to get websites to rank in organic search results - and one of our most important tools is a strong content department that delivers compelling and relevant copywriting to our clients.

The content department was on fire when Bonava became a client in May 2020. Our main task was to execute a content marketing strategy in the form of inspiring blog posts on Bonava's inspiration universe.

The inspiration universe plays an important role on the housing developer's website. Because as a company that builds for people, communicating to people is an essential part of marketing. That's why Bonava also prioritised consumer-targeted top-funnel marketing over cold conversions.


Solution model

Communication and customer contact were some of the key words in the collaboration with Bonava - not least because Bonava's tone-of-voice must not be lost in the texts we wrote. We may have handled communications as an external agency, but Bonava was the sender - and the texts had to reflect that.

That's why all the texts passed by our contact person before being published - with high praise every time. In the course of the collaboration, our copywriters have written inspirational articles on everything from living room and bedroom design to kitchen-breakfast room and balcony design.

In this way, we have given Bonava's visitors inspiration for the day when they might move into a Bonava company themselves.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • content marketing
  • Advice

Pushing the keys boosted traffic

The content marketing strategy resulted not only in a beautiful blog universe on the Bonavas website - but also in great visitor numbers via the organic search results.

In the first half of 2021, 348% more new organic visitors came to the home developer's inspiration universe than in the last half of 2020. Overall, the increase in organic traffic was 311%.

In this way, working with Bonava was a prime example of why quality content is such an important tool in search engine optimisation.

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