360 degree online marketing

Want to make sure your marketing reaches your target audience at every point of the customer journey? At Webamp we work with 360 degree online marketing - creating growth now and in the long run. We do this by targeting marketing to relevant customer types and needs.

360-degree online marketing: we're hitting the mark - without shooting off our mouths

We hit wide - without shooting with a hail of bullets

Your target audience can't necessarily be lumped together. They are different people with different needs and different ways of navigating the web. Not least, they are at different points in the customer journey - some have a budding need and may just be starting to explore the market, while others are 100% ready to buy and just need that final push towards the checkout.

We know what engages and converts - wherever your audience is in the marketing funnel. This ensures your business has 360-degree multichannel online marketing, with a focus on creating visibility on the channels and platforms where your audience is.

The cornerstone of our work is our ability to understand each company's core competencies and target audience. That's why we can always adapt our choice of channels to your company's specific needs.

Because our 360-degree approach to digital marketing may aim to be broad - but we never shoot from the hip. We always aim our sights exactly at the bull's-eye to hit the bull's-eye - right where your customers are in the customer journey.

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360 degree marketing with Webamp

Success throughout the sales funnel

Online marketing can seem like a daunting and unwieldy task. Because the channels are many. The formats are even more. Google Ads, SEO, display networks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube...Content marketing, blog posts, landing pages, lead campaigns, newsletters, lead ads, influencer marketing...

And that's just a small sample of the range.

So which channels should you go for? The answer to that question isn't really about you and your business - or your brand, for that matter. It's about your customers and their needs. 

That's why at Webamp we work with 360-degree online marketing - marketing that creates growth now and in the long run by playing on channels targeting all customer types and needs.

We create purchase needs at the awareness stage

We create purchase needs at the awareness stage

The customer journey starts at the awareness stage. Here, the goal is first and foremost to plant a need in the mind of the ideal customer, as well as to create awareness around your brand and your products or services.

You're working with cold leads in this part of the customer journey - so it's vital that you stand out from the crowd and communicate your unique selling points.

In the awarenes stage, we work with Facebook advertising and other forms of SoMe marketing to convert cold leads into ready-to-buy customers. In addition, we spread your message via banner ads in Google's display network.

Our advertising at the awareness stage is always based on a thorough segmentation of your target audience, ensuring as far as possible that we target your core audience. Not least, we clearly articulate your messages through compelling ads, well-produced video content and other forms of content.

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We attract attention at the consideration stage

We attract attention at the consideration stage

In the next part of the customer journey - the consideration stage - the need is now firmly planted in the minds of your target audience, and they therefore start to search the market for providers that can address their needs - and here they will often turn to Google.

That's why it's all about being visible in search results.

At Webamp , we help your business gain visibility in search results with database-driven and strategic search engine marketing - including SEO and Google Ads.

Based on keyword analysis, we produce compelling landing pages and sharp ads in search results that get your website into the coveted top results on Google's results page.

We convert ready-to-buy
customers at the decision stage

At the decision stage, your customers are 100 percent aware of their needs. The need has blossomed and is now in full bloom - now it's time to harvest! In other words, you need to convince your now 100% ready-to-buy customers that your brand, products or solutions can meet their needs.

At the decision stage, it's therefore also about being visible in the part of the customer journey where the credit card is more loosely attached to your target audience. One way we do this is through selling and conversion-friendly landing pages that generate high rankings in Google's organic results and high quality scores on your ads in Google Ads.

In the decision stage, we also work with remarketing to reach users who have previously visited your website or webshop without buying a product or booking a service. In this way, we increase the chance of converting more of your visitors into customers.

We convert ready-to-buy customers at the decision stage
We win back your customers

We win back your customers

The customer journey doesn't necessarily end just because the order is in. Because why not turn new customers into returning and loyal ones?

We're targeting this with digital marketing that's tailored to the retention stage - the part of the customer journey where the customer has bought and converted, but now needs to be reengaged.

This could be through landing pages targeting existing customers in need of service, maintenance or repair of the services or products you offer. It can also be email marketing, using newsletters to maintain the interest of your previous customers. Through automated email flows tailored to your business, we ensure maximum exposure with minimum effort - increasing your likelihood of additional sales.

FAQ - 360 degree online marketing

How do you market your business?

It is more important than ever that you are present and invest time and resources in online marketing. There are many ways to market your business including SEO, Google Ads, newsletters, blog posts and social media marketing.   

Which marketing strategy should I choose?

There are a myriad of marketing strategies and methods, and it is important that you have done all the necessary analysis before choosing the right one for your business. If possible, investing in visibility across digital platforms is always favourable.

How do I attract more customers?

You attract more customers through visibility, visibility and more visibility. You may have the best service, the best prices or the best workmanship - but it's not worth much if potential customers don't find your business. You have the opportunity to attract more customers through online marketing.

How do I increase my online sales?

If you want to increase your online sales, it is important that you have a user-friendly and well-optimised website. You can get this through SEO. 

If you are in a highly competitive market, investing in paid advertising on Google and/or SoMe will also create value. Combining SEO and paid advertising creates synergy and this can be clearly seen in performance. 

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