Outsourcing the marketing department and 360-degree channel mix ensured a clear digital strategy for Denmark's first Poké bar.
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"Being a customer at Webamp is great. We have established a good relationship and the collaboration is really good. There is a good synergy between keeping some of our work in-house and having Webamp as a sparring partner. I would really like to recommend Webamp for the reason that they are super nice and easy to work with, and at the same time we are particularly pleased with their availability and good communication.
Nicolai Suwinai
Co-founder & CEO at OLIOLI

Denmark's first poké bar

OLIOLI is a company that makes poké bowls and creates joy between food and people. Since their start in 2017 as Denmark's first poké bar, the company has been on an ambitious growth journey that today includes 14 bars across Denmark. In addition, OLIOLI also runs their food trucks to parties in both Copenhagen and Aarhus upon request. This way, the chain not only happily serves poké bowls at their bars - but also at events and parties around Denmark.

Poké bowls are Hawaiian, but OLIOLI is Asian and Scandinavian. The founders of OLIOLI have Scandinavian and Asian roots themselves, so it was important for them to put a personal touch on the traditional poké bowl. OLIOLI brings together the traditional Hawaiian poke bowl with a unique flavor from Asia and the healthy and rustic touch from Scandinavia. OLIOLI means joy in Hawaiian, which is the essence of the concept and the company's vision.

OLIOLI talks about working with Webamp

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From August 2022

Marketing outsourcing and 360 degree channel mix

Nicolai Suwinai and OLIOLI chose to outsource their marketing department because they wanted to delegate tasks to specialists who have a better understanding than themselves - that's why they chose Webamp.

Nicolai finds that there is a good synergy between having individual tasks in-house and having a sparring partner in Webamp who helps with improvement, optimization and general feedback.

At Webamp we have taken over parts of OLIOLI's marketing department and are now responsible for SEOadvertising, general branding and strategy.


Good relationships and clear communication create strong collaboration

The OLIOLI team particularly enjoys the good relationship with clear communication and full accessibility. We hold weekly status meetings to review short- and long-term tasks and campaigns to ensure a clear understanding of the process for both parties. At Webamp , we are always available as a sounding board and no problem is too small for us.

For Nicolai, it has been important that OLIOLI's partners have a clear understanding of who they are as a company and what they stand for - and that is exactly what Nicolai and the rest of the team behind OLIOOLI experience in Webamp.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Facebook advertising
  • Strategy
  • Advice and sparring