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Then we might be for you too.

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At Webamp we're a close-knit, young team of curly and quirky brains, each with our own personal quirks and ways of getting results.

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A team of curly brains with fire in their eyes

Someone's making noise in the office. Others prefer noisy silence and therefore work best with a noise cancelling headset around their ears and their eyes focused on the screen. Some have a dark sense of humour. Others have... humour.

Some format the mental hard drive with kickboxing, music production, museum visits or weightlifting. Others go to football matches and shout loudly or relax with gardening and enjoy the silence. 

There are plenty of personalities in Webamp. But they all have one thing in common: we let curiosity and the desire to experiment rule at work. That's why we always hire people with fire in their eyes - and never those who think they know it all already. 

Webamp night seen outside - outside

A working environment with high ceilings and room for development

Sometimes we're busy - so busy that we can forget to run the dishwasher or water the plants in the office. This sometimes results in an acute shortage of clean coffee cups and yellowing leaves on wilted and neglected plants. 

Other times, there's plenty of time for an early nightcap and a slightly too internal and understood joke. For example, a nearly 10-year-old Magnus Millang sketch just keeps being funny for some unfathomable reason (don't worry, you'll catch up on the local lingo). 

But the most important thing is that we always take the time to make sure everyone is comfortable. That everyone is heard. And that everyone laughs at least 3 times a day. After all, you spend a lot of your waking hours at work. 

That's why we also prioritise initiatives that promote personal well-being and professional development. These include a DISC workshop with Klaus Veile, participation at the SEO and SEM conference SMX in London, and a presentation on sales and customer care by the legendary sales coach and entrepreneur Jens Ladegaard.

Webamp in other words, a company where profits are invested in your development and that of your colleagues.

So why should you work in Webamp?

Webamps superman with computer

1) Because you have drive and want to influence your own everyday life

At Webamp , you'll have a direct impact on your clients' performance and on your own and your colleagues' agendas. We have a flat structure where everyone has a say - and that includes you, of course.

In fact, our director, Nicolai, only hires people who are smarter than him. That's why there's freedom under responsibility in the office. Yes, micromanagement is almost a dirty word in Nicolai's dictionary.

It also means that you won't be looked over your shoulder or breathed down your neck - either by the director or by helpful middle managers. Trust in employees is an integral part of Webamp's DNA.

That's why it's also okay to play a game of table football, take a walk around nearby Lake St. George or just chat about the weekend's escapades with one of your colleagues. Because we know that good ideas don't always come from the screen.

Webamp makes a difference for its customers - career

2) Because you want to make a difference for our customers - but also for Webamp

In Webamp we want to be the best, of course. Because who doesn't? 

But we don't see ourselves as the stars of the show. Because it's the customers who are the stars of Webamp. 

In turn, we want to be the ones who create and secure our clients' star status - whether the client is an aspiring start-up, a medium-sized artisan firm or a well-established international company.

In other words, we want to be to our customers what Yoda is to Luke Skywalker. Like Mr. Miyagi is to Daniel-San. Like Mickey Goldmill is to Rocky Balboa. 

However, our customers' success depends on our own ability to constantly explore and challenge ourselves. That's why we invite you to challenge what we know - and especially what we think we know.

Therefore, only your own ambitions limit your development with us.

Webamps superman with computer

3) Because you know that sometimes you have to step wrong to hit the mark

There's room to fail in Webamp. We actually fail quite often. And that's exactly what we learn from. 

It may sound a bit cliché - but it's also the only cliché you'll come across in Webamp. Because in digital marketing and web design, rules and algorithms change all the time. 

That's why you MUST be able to experiment - right out there, where it feels unsafe and there's a risk of splashing.

But don't worry... we're always sparring and exchanging new ideas. You're never alone when you're on shaky ground. At Webamp , you're vice-captain of a journey where there may sometimes be detours and speed bumps - but where you always know the destination.

Webamp makes a difference for its customers - career

Fun facts - important knowledge/unimportant info about Webamp

  • You'll have plenty of opportunity to test your FIFA skills on our 75-inch (!) TV.
  • Every Friday we all gather to crown the captain of the week, and share successes with each other
  • The office fridge is always stocked with cold soft drinks - and not least fresh supplies for the Friday beer.
  • When we let our hair down, we do it with activities like laser tag, cocktail courses, Christmas party in the ditch, go-karting and other goodies from the creative box.
  • The last Friday of the month is cheat day aka pizza Friday. The lunch menu is always pizza - at the company's expense, of course.
  • Our director Nicolai consistently calls the office "home". We've tried to wean him off it, but it runs deep.
  • On your birthday, you can safely expect to show up to a desk wrapped in the Dannebrogsflag. Of course, every day is a celebration at Webamp - but birthdays in particular are celebrated in style.