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In Webamp we’re a tightly knit, youthful team of curly and crooked brains
with each of our own personal quirks and ways of creating results.

A team of curly brains with fire in our eyes

Some people make noise at the office. Others prefer complete silence and work the best with a noise cancelling headset around their ears, and their eyes focused on the screen. Some have a dark humor. Others have… humor.

Some people format their mental harddrive with kickboxing, music production, museum visits, or weight lifting. Others attend football matches and scream out loud, or relax with gardening and enjoy the silence. 

We have plenty of personalities at Webamp. Regardless, everyone has one thing in common: We let our curiosity and desire to experiment rule the workplace. That’s why we always hire people with fire in their eyes – and never the ones that think they already know it all. 

A workplace with high ceilings and room for development

We’re sometimes busy – so busy that we can forget to start the dishwasher and water the plants at the office. It occasionally results in an immediate lack of clean coffee mugs and yellow leaves on the neglected plants. 

At other times there’s lots of time for an early closing-time beer and an inside joke. Some jokes just keep getting funnier (don’t worry you’ll get to catch up with the office lingo). 

But the most important thing is that we always take our time to make sure that we’re all feeling good. That everyone gets heard. And that everyone laughs at least 3 times a day. You spend at least 33,03% of your waking hours at work afterall. 

That’s why we prioritize initiatives that promote the personal well-being and professional development highly. We can, amongst others, mention DISC-workshop with Klaus Veile, participation in the SEO- and SEM-conference SMX in London, and presentation on sales and customer care by the legendary sales coach and entrepreneur Jens Ladegaard.

Webamp is, in other words, a company where we invest in the development of you and your co-workers.

So why should you work in Webamp?

1) Because you’ve got drive and want to have an influence on your own workday

In Webamp you’ll have a direct influence on the results of your customers and on you and your colleague’s agenda. We have a flat structure where everyone has a say – and that of course includes you.

Our director, Nicolai, actually only hires people that are smarter than himself. That’s why freedom under responsibility rules at the office. Yes, micromanagement is almost a curse word in the dictionary of Nicolai.

That also means that no one will look over your shoulder or breathe down your neck – not the director or officious middle leaders. Trust in the employees is an integrated part of the DNA of Webamp.

That’s also why it’s completely ok to join a game of table soccer, take a walk around the nearby lake of Sankt Jørgen, or to just engage in chit-chat on the escapades of the weekend with one of the colleagues. We know that it isn’t always in front of the screen, that the good ideas arise.

2) Because you want to make a difference for our customers – but also for Webamp

At Webamp, we of course want to be the best. Who doesn’t? 

But we don’t see ourselves as the stars of the show. Because it’s the customers who are the stars at Webamp. 

We do, on the other hand, want to be the ones that create and secure the stardom of our customers – regardless of whether the customer is an aspiring startup, a midsized carpentry company or a well-established, international business.

In other words, we want to be what Yoda is to Luke Skywalker – to our customers. Like Mr. Miyagi to Daniel-San. Like Mickey Goldmill to Rocky Balboa.  

The success of our customers depends on our own ability to continuously explore and challenge ourselves. That’s why we also encourage you to challenge what we know – and not the least what we think we know.

That’s why it’s only your own ambitions that limit your development with us.

3) Because you know that you sometimes have to take a misstep to hit the nail on the head

There’s room to make mistakes at Webamp. We actually make mistakes often. And that’s exactly what we learn from.  

It may sound slightly cliché – but it is on the other hand also the only cliché you will run into at Webamp. Because within digital marketing and web design, the rules and algorithms change all the time.  

That’s why you MUST be able to experiment – all the way out where it feels insecure and where there’s a risk of failing.

But don’t worry… we collaborate and exchange new ideas all the time. You are never alone when you’re on shaky ground. In Webamp you’re the vice-captain on a trip where there can sometimes be detours and speedbumps – but where you always know the destination.

Fun facts – important knowledge/unimportant info about Webamp

  • You’ll get rich opportunities to try out your FIFA skills on our 120 inch (!) big projector.
  • The fridge of the office is always filled with cold sodas and gingershots from Frankly – and not the least fresh supplies for the friday beer.
  • When we let loose, we do it with activities such as lasertag, a cocktail class, Holiday lunch at Grøften, gocart riding and other good things from the box of creativity.
  • The last Friday of every month is cheat day, aka pizza Friday. Here, the lunchmenu namely always consists of pizza – of course on the company card.
  • Our account manager Nicolai Sofus consistantly calls the office “home”. We have tried to make him stop, but it’s deeply engrained in him. 
  • On your birthday you can easily expect to show up to work with a desk covered in birthday flags. Everyday is of course a party at Webamp – but birthdays are in particular celebrated with a bang.

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