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Content is king on the Internet. At Webamp you'll find content creators in copywriting, video production, email marketing and other key formats that can make your business more visible online.

Content agency
for the ambitious

As a content agency, we've helped ambitious companies develop inspiring, high-quality content that showcases their brand - from fast-growing web shops to international corporations.

Despite the diversity of our client portfolio, there is one common thread running through every content collaboration we enter into: Tailored solutions that match each company's reality, values and vision.

And while our customers are diverse, they all share a common desire: They want high-quality content that attracts leads and generates sales while reflecting who they are as a company through a common thread across various online channels.

If your company is visible on different online platforms, you will surely have the same desire. And content can be an indispensable asset - and Webamp , as a content agency, can be your company's most important asset in the battle for customers' attention. So if you want to deliver informative content with a creative twist that can attract customers to your beehive, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Content in several
different formats

At Webamp you will be greeted by an experienced team of specialists who together master all the disciplines that can captivate and retain your target audience.

Because just like any well-tuned sports team, we each play our own position. Together, we create synergy on the pitch - and that increases the chance of hitting the target.

Webamp delivers content in multiple formats.
Webamp delivers content in multiple formats.

Our content team ranges from videographers, concept developers and organizers to email marketing specialists and copywriters.

In other words, we can deliver content in a wide range of different formats - hitting your target audience right where they are.

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Capture your customers
with compelling content

Today, the majority of marketing efforts take place on online channels such as social media, email, PPC, SEO and so on. What "then" and "now" have in common is that the customer needs a reason to visit your site in the first place. This is where content comes in. If you're still a little unsure, think of it like this: Launching a digital strategy without content is like driving a car without an engine - you won't get anywhere. That's why you need compelling copy, colourful graphics and interesting visuals to draw your customers to your bikes.

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    Text version

    Compelling and informative text content ensures you reach the right customers with the right message. Whether your business is drain cleaning, inventory management or trendy clothing, we'll find a written path that resonates with your target audience.

    In the bigger picture, copywriting is about driving traffic, generating sales, attracting leads and seeing rewarding results on the bottom line. But that doesn't mean our copywriting is all about closing a sale and making money. In SEO terms, good content is the path to greater understanding from search engines - and therefore higher rankings in search results.

    Webamp's in-house content team can help your business with:

    • information texts - blog posts, articles, etc.
    • product texts
    • sales texts
    • SEO-texts
    • newsletters
    • scripts for video production.
  • As a content agency, we master content marketing.

    content marketing

    Content marketing is an umbrella term for various disciplines where content is the main focus. The focus is on producing and distributing recipient-oriented content that will engage your audience and ultimately create new customer relationships.

    Content marketing includes SoMe marketing, video marketing, infographics, etc. And you're lucky that we at Webamp have skilled specialists in all these disciplines.

    It's close to traditional marketing, but instead of telling you're good at what you do, content marketing lets you show you're good at it.

    We know that content marketing can sound like a patented tool where all creative businesses have first right of refusal. But on the contrary, good content doesn't have to be locked into one particular industry, as it can benefit all kinds of businesses. And that's true even if you sell cars, are a lawyer or a physiotherapist.

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    Video production

    Humans are naturally lazy and we get bored quickly. That's why video is an obvious way to make storytelling compelling and effective. Compared to written text, people are much more likely to remember visual video content. And for your business, that's crucial - because it means they remember your brand, too.

    Video brings you closer to your audience because it gives a real picture of you and your business. Moving images capture every detail of facial expression, sound and body language, all of which engage your potential customer's mind and heart. Well-crafted video content is the key to acquaintance and trust.

    Webamp's in-house content team can help your business with:

    • Profile video
    • Event video
    • Product video
    • Brand video
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    E-mail marketing

    Email marketing is a branch of content marketing that combines several of the content disciplines such as photography, video production and copywriting. This is where your content really comes into its own - with direct access to potential leads and already buying customers, you need to keep your tongue firmly in your cheek.

    But at the same time, email marketing is also an easy and cost-effective tool, where you meet your target audience directly in the inbox. Our seasoned email marketing specialists will help you:

    • setting up the right email system
    • integration with your webshop (if you have one)
    • developing a strategy for your business
    • campaign planning
    • content creation
    • setting up automatic e-mail flows
    • content preparation
    • segmentation of your lists.
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    The well-known phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words" resonates positively in Webamp's content department. Because we couldn't agree more. After all, images have the amazing ability to evoke emotion without using sound or words to describe the context behind them. Images can speak directly to your audience if you include elements that you know resonate well with their values.

    Photographs also put a face on your business and make your brand more human. It can draw new customers closer to your business and increase the likelihood of repeat business. 

    Webamp's in-house content team can help your business with:

    • product images
    • event pictures
    • profile pictures
    • process images
    • atmospheric images.

Webamp helps you
with your content!

Would you like to optimise the content of your digital channels? Do you need new high-quality images or are your texts as grey and boring as the Danish weather?

Then fill in the contact form today and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Are we a match for you?

Of course we want as many customers as possible - but not at any price. Because that's not a match for Webamp.

But is your business thinking long-term and do you understand that one-off, hourly assignments are not a shortcut to success in search engine organic results? Then Webamp could be your next digital agency.

Are we the right agency?

We are if your company can answer "yes" to several of the following
  • wants specialist knowledge
  • want to influence their own strategy
  • thinking long-term
  • will expand and develop marketing efforts.

Webamp helps you
with your content!

Would you like to optimise the content of your online channels? Do you need new high-quality images, or are your texts as grey and boring as the Danish weather?

Then fill in the contact form today and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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