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Professional video production complements your online marketing effectively and varies your content to engage more customers. Get help with video production at Webamp - from idea and concept development to production and editing.

Video production and video marketing - achieving the impact of visual effects

Create value with
visual effects

Keep your current video content on your website? Does it look unprofessional with dull colours and a lack of innovative and creative input?

It's not just the user experience that will be significantly improved by good images, but your SEO can certainly benefit from atmospheric and relevant content. 

At Webamp , our seasoned content team can help you with it all. Fill out the form and we'll contact you as soon as possible for a no-obligation chat about your dream video content!

Our skilled Google Ads specialists, SEO specialists and SoMe specialists are ready to help you in all areas of digital marketing. 

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5 benefits of video production

There are many good reasons to embrace video and content - read on for the top 5 reasons to focus on video production. 

  • Customers remember you better with video marketing

    1. Future customers remember you better

    The brain responds automatically to movement, and video engages more senses than descriptions and static images. This increases the chance of activating adrenaline and endorphins, which enhance the entertainment value for recipients.

    So video production can help your customers remember you, your messages, your products and your business - simply because we humans decode visual content more easily.

  • Video marketing creates value

    2. Video content engages and converts better

    "We want you to stay a little longer..." was a well-known slogan of a Danish supermarket chain. Spot on! Because what company can't agree with that slogan?

    Unfortunately, we're hopelessly impatient when browsing the web, so you can rarely expect visitors to your site to stick around very long. In fact, the average session duration (the time a visitor spends on the website before clicking through) on most websites is less than 1 minute. And that's rarely enough to engage - let alone convert!

    On video content sites, on the other hand, you can multiply the average session duration by up to 6 times the average. In other words, video content exponentially increases your users' interest.

    It also makes your visitors more likely to convert from curious peekers to paying customers. With higher engagement also comes a higher conversion rate!

  • Boost your SEO with video production

    3. Video boosts your visibility in search engines

    It's not just your users' eyes that love videos - the world's biggest search engine, Google, has its eye on them too. In fact, Google gives high priority to landing pages with video content. And what Google loves, you should love too - because it's the search engine that decides whether you'll appear in full view of your customers on page 1, or lie hidden and forgotten on page 2.

    Video content can therefore support your search engine optimisation and make you more visible on the world's largest search engine - but also on the world's second largest, Youtube, if you also use Yotube as a marketing platform. This creates a win-win situation, as Youtube content on many searches also gets top rankings on Google.

    So video production can be your ticket to the top two search engines in the world.

  • Video marketing delivers results you can feel

    4. Stand out from the crowd on social media

    The video format is a brilliant eye-catcher on social media, where users are even more impatient than on your website.

    On social media, you typically fish higher up the customer journey - that is, for users who may not be directly looking for products or services you offer, but who you can eventually convert into customers. That's why you also need to make an extra effort to pique their interest. A bit like a street sign in front of a physical shop needs to stand out in the crowd to entice passers-by into the store.

    Video content is an obvious way to spread and share your message on social media - without it being drowned in the endless amount of information on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media, as the dynamic and visual format creates eye-catching Instagram or Facebook feeds.

    In short, video content can drive lead generation through social media - boosting your SoMe marketing.

  • Moving images create trust - video marketing

    5. Vivid images build trust

    Finally, video content can help build trust with your audience. Because in moving images, your company is not just another company hiding behind a webshop or a website.

    Through video, you become real people that recipients can relate to. And people deal with people first.

    In doing so, video can help build confidence and trust with your audience by making your business appear more authentic, personal and at eye level with prospective customers.

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    Working with Webamp has given me greater insight into how we spend our money properly. In addition, we have experienced higher traffic which has generated higher revenue. I would recommend Webamp to other businesses because hopefully they can have the same peace of mind.

Video production makes your website user-friendly

Get a visual business card with
video marketing

Now you know why video works on the web. But why choose Webamp to produce your video content?

Simply because we're a 360-degree digital marketing agency with a full understanding of all online channels and formats. We understand the customer journey and we know how to put your content in the right context - always tailored to where your potential customers are in the journey

We have a strong team, fully staffed and experienced in all positions - from online marketing specialists and copywriters to videographers and editors.

This ensures that your videos end up neither as dead ideas nor as insubstantial visual business cards with no basis for existence, but actually reach your potential customers in the right place and in the right context - whether through top funnel lead generation on social media, via informative content marketing on your website or as the final push to ready-to-buy customers on your webshop.

Video marketing that makes sense

The good reasons for video marketing

We all know the expression 'a picture is worth a thousand words', and in fact the brain processes visual impressions faster than text. With that in mind, imagine how much more words a video contains than a picture.

Videos are an exciting and powerful element that has become an integral part of many companies' marketing strategy - and for good reason! Digitalisation allows your messages to reach the whole world in no time, and videos allow you to easily and quickly convey messages and relevant information in a much more clear and entertaining way than you can with traditional text and still images. 

Videos also create a much more personal experience of the company that consumers can easily relate to. You can put a face to your business and give a real presentation of how you communicate. For example, you can choose to communicate in an informal, funny, serious or relaxed way, which helps you appear more real and relatable. So video is a brilliant way to create engaging, relevant and interactive content that can help your current and future customers understand who you really are.

Optimize your marketing strategy with videos

Integrate videos into
your marketing strategy

Users today engage much more with the brands they trade with. The market is full of capable competitors, so differentiating on competitive price is no longer enough. Companies must engage and interact with their users if they want to stand out from the competition. Video content is a brilliant way to strengthen and enhance your digital presence and brand image. 

There are many different ways to integrate videos into your marketing strategy, including: 

  • How-To Videos
  • Product film
  • Commercial
  • Webinar
  • Interviews.

Whatever your purpose, video production is an effective tool for communicating your message in an informative, entertaining and memorable way, and therefore a relevant element to include in your marketing.

Make your SEO consultant happy with video on the website

Video benefits your search engine optimization

As well as creating a more personal relationship with consumers, there are a number of technical benefits to integrating video production as part of your online strategy. Search engines such as Google prioritise websites that contain video. In short, integrating video production into your marketing increases your chances of ranking at the top of their search results. Read more about SEO.

Videos also have a much higher shelf life for relevance, and it's easier for your users to share videos on social media. You also have the opportunity to have a greater reach, without it having to cost more.

Get videos produced for your website

Webamp are specialists in
video production

Just as SEO plays an important role in how your website performs, producing and creating video content is also an essential part of attracting new leads and customers. It is also important that your videos are created and produced properly if they are to capture the user's attention.

If you don't have the time to learn how to create relevant, great looking and entertaining videos, don't hesitate to contact us. Webamp is an ambitious and experienced digital marketing agency that specialises in creating online success.

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FAQ - video production

What is video production?

Video production is a visual aid that you can use for online marketing. Videos create value as the user experience is significantly improved and your website will stand out from the crowd. 

Can I do the video production myself?

If you have the right equipment, you can easily do the video production yourself. The benefits of using a digital marketing agency for video production are that you get a high-quality video and they advise you from A-Z.

Strengthening videos on the website SEO?

Videos and images help to enhance your SEO. They also help to create a better user experience, which can turn website visitors into paying customers. 

Let's talk about your marketing

Contact us for help with video production and concept development. We'll dust off the storyboard, polish the camera lenses, set the lighting, and focus on making your business visible in the digital landscape.

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