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Marketing on Facebook - what, why and how do I get started? Webamp is a professional Facebook agency ready to kick-start or optimise your presence on Facebook.

Facebook is the world's largest social media and has therefore become one of the most popular platforms in SoMe marketing. You can read more about how Facebook advertising can boost your marketing here. 

As a Facebook agency, we can help you find and retain customers with Facebook advertising

Facebook marketing for the ambitious

As a digital marketing agency, we help ambitious companies to generate leads on social media - from fast-growing web shops to large and well-established companies.

Despite the diversity of our client portfolio, there's one thing that's common to every social ads partnership we enter into: Tailored solutions that match each company's reality, values and vision.

What all our clients have in common is that they want to be visible where their customers are - on social media. That way, they don't just get more visibility on social channels - they get more visibility overall.

So if you want to be visible on social media, don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to strengthening brand awareness of your company in your specific target group.

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Free knowledge about social media marketing

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Facebook agency with Facebook specialists

What you can win with Facebook ads

There are over 2.9 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide, and more than 2 million Danes "surf" the medium every day. There is therefore no doubt that Facebook is a very attractive place to place your ads, as the reach of Facebook ads is almost infinite.

When you advertise on Facebook, your ads appear in different places: stories, feeds and under videos. To keep track of your Facebook ads, use the handy Business Manager tool. The tool is used both to select the platforms you want to advertise on and to set an ad budget and define a target audience.

Facebook advertising is a sub-category of what is called Paid Social; an umbrella term for all paid advertising on social media. It's also where you'll find Instagram advertising.

Get value for money with a
Facebook agency

At Webamp , we set up and maintain your Facebook ads through targeted data work.

Like any other (online) marketing, the overall goal is to give you the best possible return on investment - in plain English: you get what you pay for. To ensure you the highest possible return on investment, we work strategically and data-driven. This includes the following:

  • Facebook agency for advertising on Facebook

    Split testing and continuous optimisation

    If you want to promote a new product, tell other important news from your business - or it's time to run one of your seasonal services/products - we'll create new campaigns for you.

    Read more about Facebook's available test types.

  • Facebook agency that sets up tracking and follows progress

    Tracking conversions and other behaviour

    How do you know your ads are performing as they should? You do it through tracking. We set up tracking via Facebook Pixel so we can keep an eye on how your ads are performing.

    Read more about Facebook's recommendations for setting up Facebook Pixel

  • Marketing on Facebook

    Setting up new campaigns

    Do you want to announce a new product, tell other important news from your business - or is it time to run on one of your seasonal services/products? Then we're ready to create new ads on Facebook for you.

    We've gathered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

  • Facebook monitoring agency


    We ensure daily monitoring of your campaigns. That way we're always ready to adjust content, format, target audience - and we make sure your budget never gets out of hand. This is especially where it makes sense to use a professional Facebook agency to ensure your ads keep performing. 

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    Working with Webamp has given me greater insight into how we spend our money properly. In addition, we have experienced higher traffic which has generated higher revenue. I would recommend Webamp to other businesses because hopefully they can have the same peace of mind.

Specialists in Facebook advertising

Get your message out

Why advertise on Facebook? That's a question you might be asking yourself. And the answer is quite simple: With so many active Facebook users, you can definitely reach your desired audience.

Facebook ads allow you to reach specific audiences with messages and offers that are relevant to your business. With Facebook marketing, you can both build brand awareness with new potential customers - and remind your existing customers what you can do for them.

And you can be sure that your competitors are also using Facebook marketing. The ads are in a sense "competing against each other". The best ad will therefore be prioritised in Facebook's algorithm. It is therefore essential that your ads are set up correctly, that they are relevant to your target audience and that the budget is in line. You will therefore not be overtaken in the battle for customers' attention.

With Facebook advertising, you simply have the opportunity to target those it makes sense to target - and make more sales.

  • Facebook agency for ads and branding

    Structure of the target group

    Core target groups - define your own target group

    You can choose demographics, behaviours, location and interests based on the knowledge you have about your target audience. This allows you to tailor specific ads to a specific audience.

    Copy targeting - find those who are similar to your existing customers

    From the data Facebook has collected from your previous ads about your target audience, a new audience can be created to target other people similar to your current customers.

    Retargeting - regain your lost customers

    Retargeting is about reaching those who have already shown an interest in your business.

    Through this campaign type, you can show your ads of the specific product the person has either previously browsed - or even added to their cart without buying. The ads are continuously synchronised with your webshop, so prices, current offers and product information are always correct.

    Page engagement audiences - create new audiences based on engagement

    Based on engagement from users' Facebook content, you can create new audiences. For example, you can look at who has visited your Facebook page, or who has interacted with your posts or ads.

  • Facebook agency for segmentation

    Segmentation - reaching your target groups

    2 billion people use Facebook every month. So it's undeniably important that you target your ads to the people who are interested in your business - and don't just blast away at the world's biggest social media.

    Fortunately, Facebook's advertising tool allows you to tailor your ads to the audience you want to reach. We work with a mix of core audiences, copy audiences, retargeting audiences and page engagement audiences.

    This way, we'll target your potential customers on Facebook - and increase your chances of getting the most out of your Facebook marketing.

  • Split test for ads on Facebook

    Split test of ads

    Facebook's ad manager also allows you to split test your ads. By splitting, you can examine which ads work best for your different audiences - in terms of the ad's message, format and placement.

    There are currently 5 different variables that you can split test:

    • target group
    • delivery optimisation
    • locations
    • ad content
    • product set.
  • Monitoring of ads on Facebook


    We ensure daily monitoring of your campaigns. That way we're always ready to adjust content, format, target audience - and we make sure your budget never gets out of hand.

  • Remember the format of your Facebook ads

    Ad formats

    There are many different ways to advertise when doing so through Facebook - and each format can serve a different purpose. That's why we always split test and advertise which format is best for each ad.

    The ad formats we generally use are:

    • ads with a single image or multiple scrollable images
      Video ads
    • ads with newsletter sign-up forms or contact forms
    • Facebook Collections - where you can present your products both via video and images with links to your shop.

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Facebook advertising provides a positive ROI

With Facebook advertising, you can choose to pay per view (a CPM rate), per click/visitor to the website or per conversion. We choose the strategy based on what makes the most sense for your needs and objectives.

There is no clear-cut answer to what Facebook advertising costs. The price depends on several factors.

Overall, there are three parameters that determine what your ad will cost: the ads of your competitors, the quality of the content of your ad and the target audience.

If you want us to set up and run your ads for you, we will agree a budget together, which we can adjust on an ongoing basis according to your wishes and needs.

Our Facebook agency ensures a positive ROI
A team of Facebook specialists

Stop the boost of postings

You may find it tempting and simple to "boost" your regular Facebook posts instead of setting up Facebook ads through the Ads Manager. It's just fast, simple - and easy to do yourself.

However, it is a much less cost-effective way of doing Facebook marketing. By selecting the boost button, you can decide neither what you want to pay per view, nor whether your post should also draw views (and thus money from your budget) in the middle of the night.

You'll also miss out on features like the various advanced ad formats and device-specific targeting (desktop vs. mobile).

All in all, you have far fewer targeting options via the boost button than you do with regular Facebook advertising - and it can therefore end up being a spread-shooting and expensive affair.

Get started with Facebook ads

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