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Guide: How Facebook Business Manager Works

Facebook Business Manager is a brilliant tool that you can use to manage your ads on Facebook and Instagram. It's as smart as it sounds cool - but it's also a world of its own, with a wealth of options and features that can make it seem a little complex at first.

If this is your first venture into Business Manager on Facebook, or you're just interested in learning more about the programme, read on.

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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

What is Facebook Business Manager?

SoMe manIn short, your Business Manager is a central hub where you can gather all your business information and material for SoMe marketing one place. This means you can access and manage all your assets related to Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising to do from one platform - instead of having it spread out or linked to your private account. Assets include, for example, pages, ad accounts, user-identified audiences and the like. Facebook Business is an easy and effective solution for sharing access to your business assets both across your team and with external partner agencies. The application allows you to see who is working on what, as well as what permissions each employee has on the different pages.

To recap, here are four overarching reasons why Facebook Business Manager is a smart tool:

  • Control
    You will be able to control access to all your assets among employees, partner agencies and suppliers.
  • Privacy settings
    You can collaborate with your colleagues without having to give them access to your personal Facebook profile.
  • Security Centre
    The programme's Security Centre allows you to manage and review alerts, keeping you aware of potential security risks.
  • Efficiency
    Work quickly becomes more efficient when you have access to control multiple assets from a single platform.

If your business has reached a size where it is appropriate to share access to your company's assets among several employees, partners or external agencies, it is a good idea to consider using Business Manager.

The most used functions

As I've mentioned before, Facebook Business Manager includes a ton of different features - some more relevant than others. It's therefore a good idea to familiarise yourself with a few of the features that you're sure to become acquainted with. I've selected a few features that will give you a good starting point to get started with Business Manager:

  • People
    People is probably one of the most important features of Facebook Business Manager, as it allows you to assign colleagues access to your company's various assets. You can find this feature under the 'Users' tab.
  • Pages
    Another important feature is pages, which you will find under the 'Accounts' tab. This is where all your company's Facebook pages are located, which you can access and manage from here.
  • Ad accounts
    The ad account is also found under 'Accounts' and works in the same way as pages. This is where you manage and control your ads from - you can read more about why this particular feature is particularly relevant below.

Another relevant feature that you will certainly get to know is company surveys. It is here that you will find your company's Business ID, which you will need if, for example, you need to be set up as a partner in another Business Manager.

Create and monitor your ads through Facebook Business Manager

Online advertising is good when you advertise on different platformsSo, why was the ad account particularly relevant? Ads aren't just a relevant marketing tool for larger companies or those already active on Facebook. The purpose of ads is to get your business and your products or services in front of as many potential customers as possible. In this way, your awareness is increased and wider awareness increases the likelihood of sales, which is presumably a common interest for businesses of all sizes.

With Business Manager, you can easily create ads through an ad account. The ad account allows you to target your ads on Facebook based on information and data about your customers, and you can also track your results from it.

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