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October 18, 2023
ChatGPT is an innovative AI model that understands and generates natural language text like a communication expert. Read more about it here.

Word of mouth marketing

October 17, 2023
Discover the value of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) and its impact on consumers. Learn why WOMM is important to the success of your business.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

May 26, 2023
Search Engine Advertising - or SEA for short - is an almost indispensable part of your digital strategy if you want to succeed online.

Does your company need SEO?

25 January 2023
Does your company need SEO? The answer is yes, as SEO is the alpha omega for making your business visible in search engines. Read more right here.

Customer retention - successful retention of customers

25 January 2023
Businesses can often be blinded by the idea of constantly attracting new customers - but what about existing ones? Read more about customer retention here.

SEO-service: Become visible on the web

31 December 2022
SEO is an essential part of creating digital visibility, but it's also a lot of work. Read more about our SEO service here.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

30 December 2022
Want to be visible on Google? Get in the search results with SEM!

International SEO: Succeed on the international market

29 December 2022
Are you interested in expanding your business to an international market? Then you should consider implementing international SEO!

SEO-outsourcing - use specialists in SEO

27 December 2022
There are many advantages to outsourcing your SEO to specialists. You can read more about all the benefits right here.

SEO: Visibility in times of crisis

23 December 2022
can SEO be useful when external or internal crises occur in the company? Read more about why SEO pays off in the long run here.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

15 December 2022
Here you'll find a concise explanation of what KPIs are and a thorough guide on how to implement them in your business.

SEO keywords

12 December 2022
SEO and keywords are directly linked when it comes to a good SEO strategy. Read how to find the right SEO keywords here.

Marketing strategy

12 December 2022
A good marketing strategy is data-driven - based on both internal and external analysis.

SEO: Category texts create value for your webshop

9 December 2022
In this guide, you will learn how to write good category texts and how they can create value for your webshop.


7 December 2022
In this post, you'll gain an understanding of how to create and execute an effective SEO strategy that makes a difference on the bottom line.

Anchor texts

5 December 2022
Not sure how to write your anchor texts? Even though anchor texts don't contain many words, they still have a big impact on your SEO.

Avoid churn - tips for customer retention

14 November 2022
How to retain your customers and reduce your churn. Also read how to calculate your churn rate.

Marketing automation: get a positive ROI

19 October 2022
With marketing automation, you can monitor, scale and profit from your company's marketing activities. Create effective lead generation.

Digital business development: create growth through marketing

17 October 2022
Get a sharp introduction to what digital business development is and how it can help boost your business growth.

"Boosted posts" vs. Facebook ads

17 October 2022
Facebook offers two paid tools to reach beyond your current following: Boost and Advertising. But what's the difference?

Outbound marketing: Become top of mind with consumers

7 October 2022
Why is outbound marketing still relevant for many companies? You'll find the answer in this post.

Inbound marketing: Attract customers through relevant and useful content

7 October 2022
Read on to find out how to create long-lasting relationships with potential users.

Storytelling & SEO: Create valuable content for your website

26 September 2022
It can be difficult to create a story that is exciting, compelling and has a point - read more about the interplay between storytelling & SEO.

GDPR bombshell: Google Analytics is illegal!

23 September 2022
The Danish Data Protection Authority has decided on 21/09/22 that you should make a plan to legalize the use of Google Analytics - get the 2 different solutions here.

The shield model: identify your competitors

23 August 2022
In this guide you can read about the shooting target model - a model to identify your competitors.
Boston models

Boston models: Achieve the highest possible profit

23 August 2022
Learn more about the Boston Model, which divides company products into four fields.

Performance marketing

23 August 2022
Learn more about performance marketing - an essential part of digital marketing.
SMUK models

The SMUK model: select the right target group

22 August 2022
Read about the SMUK model - a valued segmentation model among marketing experts and business students.

FAQ - Google Analytics

22 August 2022
Get an insight into Google Analytics - Google's free web analytics tool for statistics on user behaviour on your website.

FAQ - Google Tag Manager (GTM)

22 August 2022
Get answers to common questions about Google's own tracking tool, Google Tag Manager.
Ansoff's growth matrix

Ansoff's growth matrix: gain insight into your company's growth opportunities

22 August 2022
Learn about Ansoff's Growth Matrix - a model that offers four different options a company can follow to grow.

SEO: How to make a good keyword strategy

22 August 2022
In this post, we'll give you keyword analysis tips to ensure you're not writing content blindly - we'll give you tips for your keyword strategy.
AIDA models

The AIDA model: reinforce the message in your marketing

10 August 2022
Read about the AIDA model - a simple but effective communication model that makes selling easier and more manageable.
The marketing mix - also known as the parameter mix - in most contexts contains what are called the 4 Ps.

Marketing mix - create the perfect business strategy with the 4 P's

9 August 2022
Read about the 4 Ps, also known as the marketing mix - a model that can help create sales for your business and value for your customers.

Facebook advertising - which funnel strategy should you choose?

8 August 2022
Which funnel strategy should you choose when advertising on Facebook? Find out in this guide.

What is PR - and why is it crucial for your business?

5 August 2022
What is PR? You've probably heard of it, but do you really know what it means and how important it is for your business?
PESTEL analysis

PESTEL analysis: what external factors affect your business?

4 August 2022
Read about the PESEL analysis - a great tool to provide insight into a company's surrounding market.
Minerva models

The Minerva model: find and analyse your target group

4 August 2022
Read about the Minerva model - a Danish-developed model that provides a quick and easy insight into the lifestyle of Danes
SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis: get an overview of your company's overall situation

3 August 2022
Read about the SWOT analysis - one of the most widely used tools for analysing a company's situation.

FAQ - Facebook Business Manager

3 August 2022
Business Manager is a brilliant tool for companies marketing themselves on Facebook, and a tool with a wealth of options and functions.

The benefits of hiring a marketing agency to develop your new website

3 August 2022
It may be a good idea to team up with a knowledgeable marketing agency to develop your new website.

10 tips: succeed with email marketing

3 August 2022
Email marketing consists of several important parts that all need to be taken into account before it bears fruit.

Guide: How Facebook Business Manager Works

3 August 2022
Facebook Business Manager is a brilliant tool that you can use to manage your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Get a SoMe strategy that gets results

2 August 2022
You need to be targeted and specific with your SoMe marketing, and that's why you need to put together a SoMe strategy.

Raise awareness of your business with competitions on Facebook

2 August 2022
Facebook competitions are a brilliant strategy if you want exposure, shares and awareness for your business.

Want to make a good investment? Get a new website!

29 July 2022
Does your website need a facelift? Then get a new website! Your website's design is the first thing potential customers notice.
Regex magic

Regex - Digital magic for process optimisation

28 March 2022
Do you want to avoid spending your precious time sorting, cleaning and changing data on your webshop? Don't worry, we've got a digital magic wand up our sleeve.

Dynamic advertising

24 November 2021
What is dynamic advertising? And how can it benefit your Google Ads strategy? Find out in this post.

Search Console Insights - the best of both worlds

21 August 2021
Search Console Insights has a few useful features that can make your life as a PPC or SEO specialist a little more exciting - and easier.
Linkedin sales opportunities

Succeed and create sales opportunities with Linkedin

26 May 2021
Get tips and tricks for generating leads through Linkedin. Avoid being at the back of the queue in the hunt for the good customers in your industry.
Marketing funnel

How to seduce your customers with a social media marketing funnel strategy

29 April 2021
How do you convert strangers into paying customers via social media? By thinking marketing funnel into your social ads strategy.

Google's Core Web Vitals - a ranking factor on Google from May

27 April 2021
Google's Core Web Vitals - a ranking factor on Google from May

3 automatic email flows that increase sales on your webshop

31 March 2021
Have you considered making more of your email marketing? Then read on! You'll be introduced to 3 different automated email flows that boost

The new iOS update - an advertiser's worst nightmare

21 January 2021
Do you advertise on social media - and track your users at the same time? Then you should know about Apple's new iOS 14 update.

Is your website slow? Then give it a speed optimization!

14 January 2021
Do you have a handle on the speed of your website? If not, read more about why it's slow - and what you can do to optimise it

Create hot leads with Facebook lead ads

3 December 2020
Would you like to get leads for your salespeople or to fill up your newsletter subscriptions?

Report for crawl statistics

25 November 2020
Get detailed crawl statistics for your site via Google's crawl statistics report. Read more about the news here.
Digital Logbook

Google Analytics Annotations - the log that gives your data context

20 November 2020
Do you use Google Analytics Annotations? If you don't, you can read more about all the benefits right here.

Webamp are now Shopify experts

2 November 2020
At Webamp , we're thrilled to now call ourselves certified Shopify experts.

All you need to know about CTR (Click Through Rate)

24 September 2020
What is CTR? And why is it important to keep track of how many people click on your organic landing pages? Find out all about it right here.
Screaming Frog

Seven tips to improve your SEO via Screaming Frog

13 August 2020
What is Screaming Frog? How can it benefit your SEO? And how do you use it specifically? You'll find the answers in this post.

SEO-checklist: How to build a great landing page text (readable by robots and humans alike)

7 May 2020
Writing SEO copy is both time-consuming and research-intensive - read on for tips on how to build a great landing page text.

Google My Business - how to set up your online business card

31 March 2020
Google My Business is your company's online business card - so of course it needs to be up to date. But how do you set up your profile correctly?
First aid for your business

First aid for your business: how to create turnover and retain customers in times of crisis

25 March 2020
Is your business paralysed by the corona crisis? There are certainly things you CAN do here and now to keep sales up and customers coming back.
Google Ads Strategy

10 tips for your Google Ads strategy during the Corona crisis

19 March 2020
In times of crisis, using the right tools for your marketing is key. You can find those tools right here.

Facebook advertising in times of crisis - why you should invest in ads now

13 March 2020
What does the Corona crisis mean for your social media advertising? How do you get an overview of your Facebook advertising? Find out here.
Correct targeting and conversions in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Introduction to goal setting and conversions in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

28 November 2019
Do you want an overview of clicks, visitors, enquiries and other relevant data about your website or webshop? Then conversion tracking is your friend.

19 questions for your SEO strategy

22 September 2019
A relevant and realistic SEO strategy is an almost indispensable foundation for your website's success in the search engines. But how do you set one?

An introduction to structured data - How Google learns to understand your website better

12 September 2019
Structured data helps Google better understand what your website is about - increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results

Woocommerce vs. Shopify - Which should you choose?

9 May 2019
Are you planning a new webshop and not sure which e-commerce platform to choose? Then read this post and get a thorough insight.

What do ancient Rome and link building have in common?

25 April 2019
If you want your website to succeed, you can't do without link building. But what exactly is link building?

Where should you use imagery and metaphors in your texts?

14 March 2019
Imagery and metaphor are not just linguistic embellishments. They can also help your customers understand your products.
Keyword analysis

Choose keyword analysis over gut feeling

22 February 2019
However, you are unlikely to get far in the Google queue without a thorough keyword analysis. But how do you do it? You can learn in this post.

Your money, or your life! - Get control of your YMYL website

7 February 2019
If you work in customer health, health or finance, it takes a lot to get Google to find your site trustworthy - but it's not impossible.

How do you deal with bad reviews online?

10 January 2019
"Bad publicity is better than no publicity", travel king Simon Spies once said. But not online - where good publicity is the key!