Strengthen your brand narrative with storytelling
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Strengthen your brand narrative with storytelling

Did you know that storytelling can help you connect more strongly with your audience while creating a meaningful and powerful brand? This makes storytelling an influential form of communication that all businesses should use.

Are you unsure what storytelling is, why your company should use it or how to do it? Then read on.

Isabella Svartzengren
- Project Manager
Last updated: 28. feb. 2023

Why does storytelling strengthen your brand narrative?

What exactly does storytelling have to contribute? Well, here goes.

By creating a narrative around your brand and business, you have the opportunity to convey your values in an authentic way that appears meaningful and compelling - what's not to like? So your storytelling helps to illustrate your company's mission and vision in a context that creates value for your customers.

Another benefit of using storytelling in your brand narrative is that it creates a sense of community. Once your customers understand and share your company's vision, you're on the right track. The community feeling creates greater customer loyalty as the customer feels like they are "part" of the company's cohesiveness.

Storytelling can also be used to differentiate your business from your competitors. Your brand will be 1000 times more memorable if you manage to create a unique narrative about your products, founders or other aspects of the company. By differentiating your business through storytelling, you thereby increase the likelihood that consumers will choose YOUR products over those of your competitors.

The difference between a value proposition and storytelling

Are you also confused about the difference between a value proposition and storytelling? Then you're not the first!

Many companies do not work in depth with their brand narrative and the different parameters below, which is a huge loss. You can see the value proposition and your storytelling as two different concepts that together can strengthen your company's brand narrative.

Value offer

In short, your value proposition is the value your business creates for the customer. An effective value proposition is often precise, short and can be articulated through a single sentence. When creating your value proposition, keep the following in mind:

"Why should consumers choose my business over competitors'?"

Communicating your value proposition effectively can be difficult. That's why we bring storytelling into play to stir customer emotions.


Storytelling is a tool that allows you to communicate your value proposition through narrative structures in an authentic and emotional way. It can focus on the creation of your brand, your products or the founders of your company - the most important thing is to highlight what makes your brand unique!

Through storytelling, you create a meaningful connection with your audience and give them an emotional experience that differentiates your business from your competitors.

When do you create an authentic narrative?

But how do you find the right story?

A good example of effective storytelling is Coca-Cola's campaign, "Share a coke", where Coca-Cola wanted to inspire people to share a Coca-Cola with their family and friends. This allowed Coca-Cola to create an emotional connection around their product, while strengthening their brand identity and the connection between brand and consumer.

A good storytelling should also be easy to remember and shareable. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of your audience sharing your brand on their social media.

Authenticity equals credibility, so it's crucial that your story is authentic if you want your storytelling to be successful. The only way you can create an authentic story is by knowing your company's mission, values and history. Your story must also be relevant to your target audience, which is why it's important that you have a 100% grasp of who your audience is and what their needs and interests are.

Use the right platforms

You need to think about how you will communicate your story. Storytelling can be presented through many different platforms, including social media. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your company communicates your story through the platform that suits your company brand and your target audience.

Social media is a brilliant platform for brand storytelling, as there are a lot of different platforms with different audiences. Here you have the opportunity to communicate your message to reach, engage and interact with your target audience.

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