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Do you want to be visible in a market where your success increasingly depends on your digital strategy? Then you are the right partner for us. We look forward to getting to know you, and in the meantime you can get to know us here on the site.

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We are Webamp!

- and we are quite proud to be.

We started back in 2015. But that's a whole other story, which you can read about here.

We'd much rather talk about what we are today - and more importantly, what we can do for you and your business. Because today, Webamp is very different from what we were in 2015 - we've gone from being a struggling startup to an established business.

That's why we can also help your business achieve online success and visibility - whether you're a start-up, medium-sized or among the best in your industry. Because we've been through every facet of running a business ourselves.

Through our own journey, we've acquired a nuanced understanding of online marketing - because marketing isn't just marketing. Audience, objectives, vision and values are all parameters in the grand equation that ultimately ensures visibility on digital platforms.


We are your guide in the digital landscape

Online marketing is a world that is difficult for many to understand. And that's where we come in.

We want to be your digital guide in a landscape that can be difficult to navigate for many.

That way, we'll make sure you take your rightful place as the hero of your very own story.


How do we guide you to online success and visibility?

We are a team of specialists who love to challenge what we already know. Because only then can we continue to be among the best in the business. That's why we're proud that our CEO, Nicolai Vittrup, was selected for Forbes 30 under 30 and Berlingske Talent 100 in 2021. This is a stamp of quality of the whole Webamp and our ability to grow.

So how can we grow your business?

Simply by working not only for you - but also with you. To guide you in the right digital direction, it's a collaboration that requires resources from both parties.

And we're not here to replace marketing staff. We're here to make them even more skilled and effective through coaching, strategy and execution - all based on experience, best practices and data-driven, analytical decisions.

As a customer of Webamp , you and your company get your very own specialist playmate in the form of a specialist for ongoing sparring, execution and reporting. All our specialists also have a team of other specialists behind them for knowledge sharing and sparring. That way, your business is always covered by those who are the best at their particular job.

We look forward to helping you succeed and gain visibility in the digital landscape.


It all started in an apartment in Nørrebro in 2015...

Here Nicolai sat, thoroughly dissatisfied with the status quo of online marketing in Denmark.

That's why he decided to start Webamp - a digital playground with room to learn and the courage to make mistakes. A company where space for learning creates the basis for optimal execution. A company that would rather question processes than follow them blindly. An agency that sets out to deliver the best possible solutions - and does so.

So Nicolai set out on a mission to challenge an entire industry - armed to the teeth with one obsession: providing a sublime customer experience and creating transparency in a world that seems abstract and distant to many.

Meet the team!

Our role is to secure your rightful place as the hero of your very own story.

Want to meet the people who can guide you safely through the minefields of the digital landscape? Then say hello to the Webamp team below!


Juliane Fuchs

Campaign Manager

jf@webamp.dk +45 88 77 52 97 LinkedIn


Mei Friis Rasmussen

Digital Designer

web@webamp.dk +45 88 77 52 98 LinkedIn


Isabella Svartzengren

Project Manager

iss@webamp.dk +45 88 77 52 96 LinkedIn


Jens Kjær Riis


Jr.@webamp.dk +45 88 77 52 99 LinkedIn


Rasmus Jacques

PPC specialist

rj@webamp.dk +45 88 77 52 93 LinkedIn


Maj Roslyng Larsen

Content creator

ml@webamp.dk +45 70 60 50 28 LinkedIn


Sarah Koudal


seo@webamp.dk LinkedIn


Anders Nørgaard Gam


seo@webamp.dk LinkedIn


Sofie Roed Delfs

Social intern

social@webamp.dk LinkedIn


Laura Waage

Web intern

web@webamp.dk LinkedIn