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Read my articles and guides written by here. I write about tips and tricks and trends in the agency world, branding and digital marketing.

I'm the founder and CEO of Webamp and have a hand in pretty much everything in the company. I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and also host the business podcast "The New Standard". In addition, I always keep an eye on industry trends and tendencies - for example, I'm very interested in AI and how it can be implemented in SEM strategies and web development.

Articles written by Nicolai

5 tips for branding


November 6, 2023
Branding can help differentiate a business in a competitive marketplace - not to mention build customer loyalty.


October 26, 2023
CAC is an abbreviation for customer acquisition cost, and it should be as low as possible. Learn more about CAC here.

Rejection rate

September 7, 2023
Your bounce rate is important to know in order to optimize your website. Learn more about how to improve your bounce rate.

404 error

June 23, 2023
404 errors don't just inconvenience your users - they also harm your SEO. Learn more about 404 errors here.
12 tips for YouTubeSEO

12 tips for YouTubeSEO

June 9, 2023
You may know the website -SEO - but did you know that SEO can also help you get more views on YouTube?
SEO errors in 2023

Fatal SEO errors in 2023

April 14, 2023
Read on as I try to help you understand the biggest SEO mistakes so you can avoid making them.
Link building builds authority and credibility on Google

Build authority on Google with link building

March 28, 2023
Strong backlinks increase your website's credibility and authority in Google's eyes. Read more about link building here.

Get control of on-page SEO

8 February 2023
What is on-page SEO? Read this post to get to grips with on-page SEO, so you get read, understood and rewarded by Google.

Succeed with off-page SEO

8 February 2023
There are several different disciplines you need to master if you want to succeed with off-page SEO. Find more information about off-page SEO here.
Technical SEO

Technical SEO

8 February 2023
Having trouble understanding what's keeping you from achieving top rankings on Google? It might be a technical shortcoming. Read more about technical SEO here.

6 tips for SEO in 2023

20 December 2022
Need to get started or improve your SEO strategy? Get 5 search engine optimisation tips for 2023 to get you started.

Keyword stuffing

14 December 2022
What is keyword stuffing? Does it affect SEO positively or negatively? Read more here.

Rank tracker

13 December 2022
A rank tracker is often used in search engine optimization. Read more about the famous tool right here.
Google Business Profile

Guide to Google My Business in 2023 (Google Business Profile)

25 November 2022
Want a better understanding of Google My Business? Make the most of your online business profile in 2023 by following this guide.
Negative keywords

Create positive results with negative keywords

30 May 2022
If your company is advertising on Google, it is a "must" that you know about negative keywords! It's a crucial feature for your ad dollars!

Semantic SEO - how to make SEO for humans rather than machines

22 December 2021
Semantic SEO... what is it? Why do you need to know about it if you want to top Google? And how do you do it in practice? It will be

Tips for Instagram Reels and Reels Ads 2023

22 October 2021
Get more followers and get more attention for your business with Instagram Reels. Get tips here.

How do you choose the "right" marketing agency?

11 April 2019
Are you considering outsourcing some of your marketing efforts to a marketing agency? Then read this post first.