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The story of Webamp

It all started in an apartment in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen in 2015...

This was where Nicolai was located, quite unsatisfied with the status quo within online marketing in Denmark.

That’s why he choose to start Webamp - a digital playground with room for learning and courage to make mistakes. A company where learning weighs heavier than execution. A company that would rather question the processes than follow them blindly. An agency that decides to deliver the best possible solutions - and does it.

So Nicolai went on a mission to challenge a whole industry - fully armored with one obsession: To deliver a sublime customer experience and create transparency in a world that to many people appears abstract and distant.

The troops were gradually gathered

The one-man army quickly started growing and to this day, Webamp is a genuine business that no longer is limited to month to month operation.

The humble surroundings in Nørrebro have been switched out with a 231,7 square meter space by Vesterport station where Nicolais loyal army of creative and smart heads work to fulfill the original vision of Webamp: To deliver transparent solutions that bring our customers closer to their customers.

Facts about Webamp:

  • Founded by: Nicolai Vittrup
  • Founded on the: 14. of Juli 2015
  • Number of employees: 12 full time employees
  • Revenue in 2019: 7.000.000 DKK
  • Expected revenue in 2020: 10.000.000 DKK
  • Expected number of employees in 2020: 14
  • Number of clients: 100 incl. Brøndby IF, Sliders, Livenation Copenhell, Heartland og Cock's & Cows

About Nicolai Vittrup:

  • Born: 03/10-1991
  • Uddannelse: Media Graphic Designer from Copenhagen Technical College in 2013
  • Why: Webamp was created in anger because the mentality related to customer experiences in the field wasn't good enough. It was a fight against bad products and the mentality regarding how customers are met. In my universe, the customer is the hero and we are Yoda, doing our best to guide it.
  • Philosophy: You have to look at the person before anything else

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