Get a good looking and user friendly web solution, that reflects your business’ identity and ignites and maintains your visitors – regardless of whether they use a cellphone, tablet or computer.

Web solutions that convert

In Webamp we develop and design modern websites and webshops with basis in the reality of your business. You are therefore always secured specialised counseling and a tailored websolution with functions that are relevant for your specific industry.

Book a meeting by calling +45 70 60 50 28 or emailing info@webamp.dk, and hear more about your possibilities of getting a great looking, unique and responsive web solution that converts your visiting customers.

This is why you need a websolution

If you want to compete in a growing digital market, you can’t get around the need of a modern websolution. There are over 4 billion internet users in the world and around 4 billion Google searches a day – and the internet is only getting bigger.

You can therefore safely assume that your potential customers are looking for your products or services online – and not in the phonebook or local newspaper. This is also why it will be hard for you to compete with other businesses in your industry, without a website or webshop that shines through.

Your advantages of a modern websolution:

  • Become visible in a digital market
  • Increase your conversion rate – get more customers
  • Optimize your site according to the online purchasing patterns and behaviors of your customers
  • Share important and valuable knowledge with your target group
  • Give your potential customers the opportunity to quickly contact you
  • Reach your target audience in all stages of the customer journey

A modern websolution does, in other words, make your business more competitive.

Unique websites and webshops

As a customer in Webamp you won’t get quick and generic websolutions. We have a clear vision of delivering transparent solutions that bring our customers closer to their customers.

That’s why we always offer the following:

  • Specialized counseling

    Any collaboration with Webamp starts with a meeting. This is where we’ll advise you on functions and design with basis in your industry and your needs.

    Our web designers always have their fingers on the pulse and are always updated on the newest tendencies within web development. That secures you getting a competitive websolution that doesn’t disappear in the crowd.

  • Unique designs that match your business identity

    Your website or webshop is an online platform that should display the visual identity of your business and the industry it competes in.

    Different target groups react differently to different layouts and aesthetic expressions. That’s why we always invite you to a design meeting before we start developing your web solution. You are, thereby, always secured a unique design that matches your business identity.

    Check out our cases, if you want to see a small selection of the web solutions we’ve created for our customers.

  • Responsive design

    It is alfa and omega that your web solution works both visually and functionally on all platforms – whether the users are sitting in front of the laptop in their office, with the tablet in the couch or on the phone in the train.

    That’s why we always create responsive web solutions that are optimized for all screen sizes, control systems and browsers. That is your guarantee of a website or webshop that your visitors easily can navigate – regardless of platform or control system.

  • User Friendly CMS systems and ecommerce-platforms

    We develop all our websites in WordPress, which is one of the worlds most recognized CMS-systems.

    And it isn’t without reason that 35% of all websites in the wolrd are made in WordPress. It is both a user-friendly and intuitive system. That means that you, yourself, can navigate the controlcpanel of the system and edit the content of your website, once your website has aired.

    We furthermore create most of our webshops in Shopify, which is one of the worlds biggest eCommerce-platforms. With Shopify, you’ll get a good looking webshop with a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to get an overview of orders, products and statistics.

  • High speed

    We are notoriously impatient online. This is because we’ve gotten so used to fast pages, that we don’t want to wait several seconds on a page to load.

    We therefore make it an honor to speed optimize your website or webshop, so it loads fast and effortlessly. This prevents your customers from losing their patience and chosing your competitors instead.

  • Support and hosting

    You, of course, get the opportunity of a support- and hosting-contract, so you’re always able to get counselling and help in case of technical problems or questions. 

  • SEO, digital advertising and text writing

    Do you want to make sure that your website or webshop recieves relevant traffic? In Webamp we have both SEO– and PPC-specialists that can help your site to the top of the search results.

    Not the least, we have our own content-department that can deliver captivating and search engine friendly content, that supports the full framework.

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