New visual identity and websites created a stronger brand and user-friendliness for Denmark's most experienced debt collection company.
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We have a very proactive, responsive and committed partner who responds to our requests with lightning speed - morning, noon or night. The benefit for us has been that we have a much stronger brand today in the Nordic region where we operate. At the same time, we have websites that are more user-friendly. Webamp has helped us create an online universe for visitors who need inspiration or material. I would definitely recommend Webamp to anyone who has an intention or desire to strengthen their brand online.
Sebastian Storm
Group Marketing Manager
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Denmark's most experienced debt collection company

Collectia is an IT company that helps customers retrieve their money in a respectful and fair way on a daily basis. Since 2016, Collectia has been on an ambitious growth journey across the Nordic region.

With over 150 years in the industry, Collectia is Denmark's most experienced debt collection company, helping customers with full-service debt collection solutions - powered by digital payment solutions, big data and artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, Collectia has a clear and clear sustainability ambition, which is formulated in four focus areas; investment in employees, a greener Collectia, fair treatment of customers and debtors, and GDPR compliance and security.


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From August 2022

Development of a new visual identity

Sebastian Storm and the rest of the Collectia team chose Webamp - partly to develop a new visual identity for their brand, and not least to really bring it to life visually in the form of a new website with optimized usability.

Since then, the collaboration between Webamp and Collectia has evolved, which means that today we act as Collectia's regular sparring partner in website optimization, gated content and communication out of the house in the form of mailflows and newsletters.


New user-friendly websites and a stronger brand

The payoff for Collectia? A significantly stronger brand across the Nordic region, as well as user-friendly websites that include an online universe where visitors can find inspiration and material, as Sebastian himself puts it.

We have done the following:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Redesign of website
  • Development of a new website