Speed optimisation - make your website faster

A website's speed is crucial for visitors to convert. So the big question is: Do you have your website speed under control?

Have you heard of speed optimisation?

Why is the speed of your website important?

You probably know it yourself; you click through to a page, the page loads slowly, you get impatient and end up clicking through to the next suggestion on your Google search.

What if the above scenario actually happens on your website without you knowing?

Although it doesn't sound like much, a few seconds can be far too long for a website to load. If it takes more than 3 seconds, you can assume that your potential customer has already moved on to the competition. In fact, if you have a web shop, 53% of customers will abandon their purchase if the site is too slow - and they rarely return.

A speed optimisation can give you:

  • higher rankings
  • several conversions
  • higher CTR score
  • longer visits to the site.
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Remember to optimise speed - a fast website is a ranking factor

How fast should a page load?

If you have a normal website, it should take no more than 2 seconds to load. That doesn't sound like much, but in reality it's the maximum tolerance for what Google can "accept". It is therefore extremely important that you pay attention to how fast your website is, as speed can prevent your website from performing with high rankings.

Speed optimisation is also one of Google's ranking factors.

Get help with speed optimisation

Speed is important for usability

Usability is now an ultra important parameter to consider in your marketing strategy. In short, a slow site does not belong on the list of parameters that strengthen the user-friendliness of a site.

At Webamp we can also provide you with a free SEO test, where we check how your website performs on the different SEO parameters - including the speed of your site. All you have to do is fill in the form and we will send a report to your inbox within 1-2 business days.

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A speed optimization makes happy customers

What is a speed optimization?

A speed optimisation means that we go in and optimise the parameters that make your website slow. Usually, it's a combination of several things, so it's necessary to go through the site thoroughly to find the holes in the cheese.

There are 4 main parameters that influence the speed of your website

4 main parameters that influence the speed of your website

There are several parameters that influence the speed of your website.

However, you can read more about the 4 most important ones below:

Too large image files reduce speed

For large image files

Images are important on a website. But it is even more important that the image file does not take up too much space. It is therefore extremely important that files are compressed to take up as little space as possible - without compromising quality, of course. Today, however, there are tools that can easily compress images without compromising resolution.

If you didn't already know, speed optimisation is part of the technical part of SEO SEO .

Lazy load ensures higher speed

Lazy load

Lazy load can be described as what we all do sometimes; postpone things. Lazy load means that images are loaded as the user scrolls through the page.

In this way, the loading of the images is delayed until the user actually needs to see the images. This means your page will be faster, as everything doesn't have to load at the same time.

Browser caching affects the speed of your website

Browser caching

One of the easiest things you can do yourself to optimise the speed of your site is to use browser caching. If you don't use browser caching, your page will be downloaded again each time someone visits it.

For first-time visitors this will not matter, but if the same person visits the page several times in a row, the page will reload much faster the second time, the third time, etc.

The same is true if a person has your page open in several different browsers - pages load faster. In Webamp we offer hosting on strong servers with NGINX server caching, which ensures a faster load time.

When we optimise speed, we look at the number of plugins

Too many plugins

If you have a WordPress website, you probably also have many indispensable plugins installed - which is good!

However, too many plugins can slow down your website, as much more data has to be interpreted each time the page loads. It is therefore important to consider whether some plugins are unnecessary and whether it should really be done manually.

With a web solution from us, you also have the option of digital advertising, SEO and professional texts

Possibility of digital advertising, SEO and professional texts

Your website can be very nice and fast. But without visitors and relevant content, it loses its raison d'être.

That's why we also offer SEO and digital advertising(PPC) to drive relevant traffic to your website. We also have our own content department, where our copywriters are on hand to write compelling, search engine-friendly and targeted content for your website.

This ensures a well visited website with fresh, relevant and well written texts.

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Support and hosting

Finally, we also offer support and hosting agreements. This means you can always contact us for advice and help with fixes and any technical issues.

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