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Does your website need a facelift? Do you want a clear and beautiful webshop that stands out from the crowd while generating sales? At Webamp we create user-friendly webshops, optimised for all screen sizes and devices - and with a focus on increasing your conversion rate.  

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As an agency with all-round knowledge and experience in designing and developing websites and web shops, we have helped many ambitious companies create an attractive platform to stand out from their competitors in the industry.

Our web department consists of an experienced team of web developers and designers with knowledge of digital trends. At Webamp , you get specialised advice and tailored web solutions that are sure to make your business stand out in your industry.

Webamp is a 360 degree marketing agency, and we can therefore offer more than just developing your new and user-friendly webshop. We can also take care of your copywriting, content and video production and make sure it gets to the top of Google in the form of SEO

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Free digital marketing knowledge

Want to learn more about digital marketing? Visit our Webamp Academy page for free knowledge to boost your business digitally. Explore our knowledge universe here.

New webshop that generates sales

Why you need a webshop

If you sell your products digitally - or have the desire to do so - a smooth webshop is the alpha and omega of your business. It can be said quite briefly. An updated and modern webshop increases your conversion rate and generates sales.

It is no longer appropriate to have an outdated webshop where the user has to struggle to find the right product and is disturbed by various obstacles. They expect an easy-to-understand and user-friendly webshop that graces the eyes and guides them safely and undisturbed through to the shopping basket. 

If you are thinking about a new webshop,
you are always welcome to call us on tel. 70 60 50 28 or send an email to info@webamp.dk.

Development of webshops for all industries

How we develop webshops

At Webamp , we employ web designers who have extensive experience with web shops. We have created shops for companies selling everything from clothing, supplements and spirits to sports equipment. All with a focus on creating a shop that delivers what the user wants, within the specific industry. That's why we know we can help you too.

When you choose Webamp to develop and design your webshop, there are no assembly line or package solutions. Every single webshop we create is customised and tailored to the individual customer - and not least their target audience, as well as current best practices in eCommerce and SEO.

We can tailor webshops exactly to your business needs - and there are (almost) no limits to what we can do. So if you're dreaming of a specific function, or have a specific design in mind, we'll find the most optimal solution together.

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    Working with Webamp has given me greater insight into how we spend our money properly. In addition, we have experienced higher traffic which has generated higher revenue. I would recommend Webamp to other businesses because hopefully they can have the same peace of mind.

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Secure integration of payment systems

Web shops must be bulletproof to shop on. We primarily use WooCommerce and Shopify - two of the largest and most well-developed Ecommerce platforms on the market. Both platforms integrate to almost all payment systems. You can therefore choose the payment module you are comfortable with (e.g. Epay or Stripe). In addition, we put an SSL certification on all webshops as standard, which assures the user a secure buying experience.

If it makes sense for your business, we can also integrate your webshop with your accounting, so customer receipts are automatically posted to your accounting company.

We are specialists in the Shopify platform - Learn more about Shopify Webshops.

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Websites and webshops that work smoothly

A mobile-friendly webshop

Since more than half of all traffic on the web comes from a smartphone, it is more than important to mobile-optimize your webshop.

With that in mind, a web shop must of course be designed to give mobile users a good experience without the slightest headache.

This is certainly something that Google rewards, so if you want your site to appear on the first page of the Danes' favourite search engine, this is an important factor. 

Development of webshops that convert

A shop that converts

On our webshops, there are no restrictions on the number of products that can be added. In addition, we also make sure that you get a webshop that leads to sales and conversions - which is the whole purpose. 

We set up among others: 

  • Discount codes and other forms of discounts.
  • Possibility of special logins for "VIP" customers with special prices.
  • Integration for social media like Instagram and Facebook shopping.
  • Stylish stickers on products, such as "New", "We recommend" or "Best seller".
  • Extended and user-friendly search functions in the shop.
  • User-friendly sign-up pop-ups for newsletters.
  • Animations, buttons and other visuals that encourage interaction.

Last but not least, we can also set up tracking of sales and traffic sources on the website, so you can see that your investment has paid off. 

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