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Attract the right traffic and give your customers a sublime user experience with professional web copy. At Webamp , our copywriters are ready to write sharp, search engine-friendly content for you.

Get compelling and relevant web copy

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The typewriters in the Webamp machine room are always hot. That's where our team of keen copywriters sit, delivering quality content for our clients' websites - whether they need SEO -friendly web copy for landing pages, compelling product descriptions or informative blog posts.

You can therefore safely leave your web texts in the hands of Webamp's content creators. We have a heavy rhetorical toolbox - filled to the brim with rhetorical devices that will make your texts stand out from those of your competitors.

Not least, we have hands on experience of writing texts for a myriad of communication contexts. That way, you're assured that your copy is not only sharp and vacuum-cleaned of errors - but also aligned with your company's tone-of-voice, unique selling points, target audience and values.


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Professional copywriting

Let us write your web copy

With copywriting from Webamp , you get compelling, well-formed, error-free and relevant content - content that gives your business more credibility in the eyes of both your customers and Google.

That's why we don't just call ourselves copywriters - but content specialists. Because we specialise in delivering content that ensures your communications support your professionalism.

You can read more about on this page. Too busy to read - and especially too busy to write? Then contact us today and let's find out together how our top-notch copywriters can help you and your business write well-written and value-adding web copy.

Why you should invest in copywriting

Why invest in professional copywriting?

Copywriting is an indispensable tool if you want to work seriously with online marketing. Well-written web copy supports your organic marketing, your advertising and your social media efforts.

But why entrust your copywriting to professional copywriters when you can just as easily write them yourself? There are actually several good reasons - we can think of the following advantages, among others:

Webamps superman with computer

Save time and resources - and do what you do best

Writing texts is time-consuming - especially if they have to be well-structured, compelling and sharply angled. And not everyone finds the idea of a glossy text document appealing.

In other words, as a self-taught copywriter, it can be a real resource drain if you also have to focus on what you do best: your company's core competence.

In Webamp's content department , copywriting is our core competence. And all our resources go into delivering sharp content for our clients' websites. So you can spend your resources on your business.

Get help from a professional copywriter from Webamp

SEO-friendly content

The content of your website is much more than just filler to fill out your design. It's also an almost essential part of SEO - the discipline of online marketing that aims to get websites higher up the search engine results.

When we write texts for our clients' websites, we always work on the basis of keyword analyses. In this way, we ensure that your texts contain the search terms your target audience uses - and thus increase your chances of your website being visible among the coveted top rankings on Google.

In other words, you get content that can make your website rank higher in search results when you let Webamp's copywriters write your texts.

Good user experiences retain customers

Better user experience
- retain your customers

If you compare your website to the front of a physical shop, your texts are the salespeople who should retain your visitors - and not least convert them into paying customers.

A website without text is like a shop without staff to guide customers.

Web texts introduce your visitors to your products and services - and in this way help to retain your customers.

Tailor-made solutions

Content tailored to your audience

Text never lives in a vacuum - but always in a concrete context. Put another way, there's a difference between selling makeup to young women and selling IT solutions to large companies.

Your texts should reflect this, of course. A jovial, informal tone-of-voice, for example, does not match a consultancy. Conversely, if your target audience is primarily younger men with an interest in cars, a formal and polished tone will be off-putting.

At Webamp , we always understand how your business communicates - and deliver content accordingly. That's how our copywriters ensure that the content on your website always communicates directly to your potential customers - and never past them.

Texts for all kinds of professions

Texts for all stages of the customer journey

The content of your website must correspond to the users' search intention. Therefore, your texts must be targeted to the stage of the customer journey where your customers are. And it's an art that all our copywriters have mastered.

We can help you write the following types of web copy:

Create awareness with content marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is about creating and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships through content with value for the customer - for example blog posts, guides and recommendations.

Content marketing is the obvious content strategy if you want to write content for those customers who are at the awareness stage - the part of the customer journey where your customers are starting to become aware of a need, but are not yet ready to buy.

So here you are not trying to sell directly to your users. Instead, you are training them to become customers in the long term.


Service and product texts - texts for the consideration stage

It's important to have landing pages for general search terms that your target audience will Google when looking for the products or services you sell - whether it's furniture storage, vacuum cleaners, dental work, carpentry or something else entirely.

This increases your likelihood of being found in broad, industry-relevant searches.

That's why it's crucial to get service and product copy written for the consideration stage - the part of the customer journey where your customers are searching for products and solutions to meet their needs.

An agency at eye level

Sales texts - texts for the decision stage

Good sales copy can be the final push that convinces your customers to put their money where their mouth is. That's why it's vital to have compelling sales copy on your website

In other words, good sales copy is the obvious content strategy if you want to write content for customers who are in the decision stage - the part of the customer journey where your customers are 100% ready to buy, but just need to find the right store to shop in.


Retain your customers with newsletters

Email marketing is one of the highest ROI forms of marketing - or in layman's terms: you get the most return on your investment.

Here you write directly to existing customers who already know your business and now just need to be retained. In other words, you are writing to the retention stage.

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