A2Vent - a dance on red roses

A dance on red roses - that's how A2Vent describes its cooperation with Webamp. Online results rubbed off on the turnover of the gazelle company.
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I would recommend Webamp to anyone. For the approach they take to things and the energy and seriousness they put into their products, I refuse to believe you will be able to get anywhere else. The sense of collegiality that you have externally to each other is absolutely amazing. It gives you a confidence that tasks will get done.
Nicklas Andersen
Director and owner of A2Vent
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Collegiality across companies

A2Vent is a company that provides total solutions in ventilation. From their headquarters in Køge, they drive out to customers all over Zealand and install and service ventilation solutions for both business and private customers.

The company consists of a team of dedicated specialists in industrial ventilation in particular, who work professionally to devise, install and dimension ventilation solutions for all conceivable conditions - whether it is the ventilation system in the smaller bricklayer's villa or the comprehensive solution within point extraction in the factory hall.


Information about the customer



From January 2015


A2Vent was no less than Webamp's first customer, and the cooperation with the company is thus by far the longest in Webamp's history. Indeed, there has been a lot of water under the bridge for both Webamp and A2Vent since the ink was put to paper in late 2015 - both companies have gone from fledgling startups to Gazelle recipients in the course of the collaboration.

When we started working together in early 2016, A2Vent didn't even have a website. In fact, apart from a profile on Krak.dk, the company was more or less invisible on the web. So the first step in the collaboration was to design a website - a website that has since been updated a few times, most recently in April 2022.

Once the website was in place, the task was simple enough: We had to secure A2Vent red-hot leads via both organic and paid search results.


Solution model

The cooperation with A2Vent has partly been based on a close communication to ensure that our actions always matched A2Vent's objectives and business strategy one to one.

That's why we're delighted when A2Vent's CEO and owner, Nicklas Andersen, has the following to say about the collaboration with Webamp:

"Being a customer of Webamp is almost a dance on red roses. We are known in the house and the house knows our business inside out, which means that if we need the slightest changes made, they will be made without the big questions".

In addition, the internal communication between Webamp's departments has been a key factor for success across the board. SEO and PPC have worked closely together to ensure A2Vent's success on both paid and organic channels, as have SEO and the Web department on migrations when the site has continually had extensive design overhauls.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Web

From start-up to Gazelle company

Of course, when you start from 0, you can only go forward. But the progress in Google's results has really been felt by A2Vent.

A2Vent's online performance has had a huge impact on the company's turnover, and in 2021 the company was able to call itself a Gazelle company after doubling its turnover every year for the previous 4 years.

And according to Nicklas Andersens, Webamp has a share in this: "Webamp has been our external salesman and has formed the basis for many of our smaller and really large customers."

In this way, the collaboration between Webamp and A2Vent has been a prime example of the value of online marketing.