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360-degree channel mix gave a conference center in North Zealand control of the digital strategy - and new customers in the store.
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It's professional, it's one point of contact, it's everything I like in a partner. The outcome has been that we have gained control of our digital strategy, control over our own data, a streamlined website and a lot of new customers. I would definitely recommend Webamp to anyone who needs a helping hand with marketing.
Michael Sørensen
Sales, Marketing and Booking Manager at Bernstorff Castle
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Exceptionally beautiful frames for all occasions

Bernstorff Castle is a historic castle located in Bernstorffsparken in Gentofte. The castle is no less than one of the world's oldest buildings in neoclassical style, originally designed by architect Nicolas-Henri Jardin and built in the years 1759-65 by Frederik V's foreign minister, Johan Hartwig Ernst von Bernstorff.

Today, the gardens around the castle are a favorite destination for recreational walks in nature, while the castle itself provides the setting for some of Denmark's most unique conference and banqueting facilities - rooms that combine the historic and picturesque with the modern and practical. As Bernstorff Castle itself puts it: It is an uncommonly beautiful setting for all occasions.

Bernstorff Castle is also Green Key certified and carries the Green Key - tourism's international eco-label, which is awarded to tourism businesses that go the extra mile to protect the environment.


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From August 2021

Manage your digital strategy and new customers

Michael Sørensen and the rest of the team at Bernstorff Castle chose Webamp when they needed an extra helping hand in their marketing department - but it turned out to be a little more than just a helping hand. We took over all the Castle's digital channels - from SEO to social media and e-mail marketing.

Finally, we have taken over hosting of the domain bernstorffslot.dk to better execute on development tasks and ensure a faster and more user-friendly website that meets Google's Core Web Vitals.

And the benefits for Bernstorff Castle? Control of the digital strategy, control over their own data, a streamlined website and not least a lot of new customers, as Michael himself puts it. In this way, Bernstorff Slot is a prime example of a 360-degree customer at Webamp.


Relevant traffic from all parts of the sales funnel

The digital strategy for Bernstorff Slot has been a multi-channel collaboration, targeting potential and existing customers at different points in the sales funnel. Our primary target group has been B2B customers in need of meeting and conference rooms.

At the top of the sales funnel, we have worked with a visual inspirational universe on social media, while further down the sales funnel we have worked with video and content production, blog posts and SEO to direct Google traffic to the website - both for informational and commercial searches. At the bottom of the sales funnel, we have worked with newsletters to retain customers in the retention stage.

In this way, we have secured Bernstorff Slot relevant customers from all parts of the sales funnel.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social Ads Strategy
  • E-mail marketing