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First aid for your business: convert and retain customers in times of crisis

The world is in crisis and many companies, large and small, are facing an uncertain economic time because of the corona pandemic. 

Conditions change from day to day, so it's vital that you see the opportunities that exist to generate (just a little) revenue and to stay in touch with your customers until we're on the other side. 

For there will be a weekday on the other side of the corona. 

Right now, we don't know when, so it's important not to panic and act paralysed until we start to return to normal. 

Instead, I recommend that you take a proactive approach - we do this ourselves at Webamp. So I've put together our best advice and experiences, which I hope you can use to keep your business going.

And remember! If you need sparring, I and my colleagues are ready at the computer and on the phone to advise you on your specific situation. 

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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

Tip 1 → Be visible on social media

Your customers are very present on social media right now, and you should be too. It's where you can share the latest news, engage with them and raise awareness of the implications for your business. 

Be active on relevant social media several times a week - preferably three posts or more if you want organic reach to work best for you.

An example from our own camp: Nicolai, our director, had the lovely idea to bring goody bags to everyone in Webamp (and we were touched and delighted by this nice gesture!). He took one picture of the bags and shared it on LinkedIn, and at the time of writing it has been viewed by 17,500 and liked by 300 people.  

Tip 2 → Tell your customers how they can help

Don't be afraid to ask for help if your business is affected - and make sure your customers know how they can help, for example by buying gift cards or products other than your core service. 

There are already many restaurants that now do takeaway, shops that sell clothes via Instagram and webshops that offer free delivery. That's both good service and good content for your social channels right now. 

Tip 3 → Help for self-help

Many healthcare companies are currently hit hard because all non-emergency treatments have been stopped by the Health Authority. Here it is a good idea to keep disseminating the knowledge that enhances the quality of life and motivation of patients and customers - free of charge. 

(Free doesn't add butter to the bread, but it does help retain customers... and maybe even bring more customers into the store when you reopen? The alternative is radio silence indefinitely, and I would strongly advise against that.) 

Share videos of rehabilitation exercises, tooth decay prevention, ergonomically correct postures or anything else. You have expertise and knowledge at your fingertips, just remember to share it in news emails, on social media or on a video link for isolated and quarantined clients.

Tip 4 → Show what you spend your time on

If your situation is by no means business as usual, you can instead show what you and your employees/colleagues spend their time on instead.

Maybe you'll tidy up the archives or give the basement an extra thorough cleaning? You might even be repainting the shop, taking stock or planning the autumn rotas?

It doesn't matter, because the important thing here is that you show that you haven't gone black or expect to.

In team Webamp , we wanted to show how we're keeping the flag high and working from home right now. We came up with a little video that we shared on LinkedIn.

Tip 5 → Support

Follow the instructions of the Health Authority and the authorities and show how you implement them. It's good for your motivation and that of others when we can see how individuals and companies are taking responsibility and showing support. 

Are hand sanitizers installed at the entrance and exit? Have you set limits on the number of customers at a time?

Great - share it!

Tip 6 → Turn up the advertising

Don't sit on your hands and think that customers will find their way to your shop. There are two types of advertising that make sense right now:

→ Invest in branding and visibility to complement your organic social media posts. That strategy may not yield revenue right now, but there will be another day without corona, and you want to be top of mind when people can use your products or services again.

→ A conversion-focused advertising strategy that focuses on what you can offer your customers right now. Target that message to past and potential customers so they know you still have emergency treatments, video advice, warehouse sales or something else.

My two talented colleagues, Michella and Paw, have written some informative blogs about advertising on Facebook and via Google Ads.

If you're not sure what's the right strategy for you, they are ready to answer to all your questions.

Tip 7 → Clean up your website

With extra time on your hands, you can use it effectively by going through your entire website. Is there text that needs updating, outdated information or even something missing? 

Good! Because that means you can get on with it and have a top class website ready for your customers. 

We are world champions in this discipline, so if you need any tips, please write to us at 🙂

Tip 8 → Hold on to the culture

Invest time and technology in your employees and colleagues so that you can stay connected as much as possible and maintain motivation and productivity in the midst of an emergency. 

There are lots of free digital platforms to hold meetings, share files and build community.

Do you usually share a Friday beer before you go away for the weekend? Then stick with it - and toast over a shared video connection instead (we do that here in Webamp, and it works like a charm!). 

Curious to know more about how we've nurtured motivation and team spirit at Webamp ? Then read this article from Tech Savvy Mediawhere the boss talks about our away from office culture.

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