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Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book. But the proliferation of smartphones, apps, and social media has made email an overlooked channel in the primer of modern marketing. At Webamp , however, we think that's completely wrong, and now we're going to explain why!

Email marketing can increase sales in your business!

Because we believe that the discipline of email is at least as relevant and effective as it has always been - if not more so than ever before.

What if we told you that good email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective tools in your marketing strategy? Then you're most likely wrinkling your nose and thinking: "Show me! Newsletters are outdated and irrelevant".

But wait a minute. It's important to remember that email marketing can super much more than traditional newsletters. Email systems today are far more advanced when it comes to user data and segmentation. That means you can hit the right customer, at the right time!

In fact, email marketing is SO cost-effective that a report by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) showed areturn on investment(ROI) of as much as $38 per $1 spent.
Believe it or not, the numbers almost speak for themselves!

So email marketing is both inexpensive to get started with, and with thoughtful email campaigns can both improve your results and convert more leads into customers.


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What is email marketing?

In a simplified version, email marketing is a digital channel that effectively markets your business by meeting your customers right where they are in the customer journey - directly in their inbox. Email marketing can be used to promote your company's products, offers and news, among other things.

But even if it seems like a joke, email marketing can play a crucial role in your strategy. After the new GDPR law in 2018, email marketing has the great advantage that your customers have completely chosen to receive messages from your company.

You therefore only market to engaged customers who have already shown an interest in what you have to tell them. With a sharp SoMeand online ads pre-campaign, email marketing can be your most powerful tool and play a crucial role in lead generation, brand awareness and building and retaining customers between purchases.

Take your email marketing to new heights

Why should you promote
via email?

As we mentioned earlier, email marketing is proven to have higher conversion rates compared to other marketing strategies. And there are several reasons for this.

  1. First, email marketing has an incredibly high ROI. This means that you get more back for the time and money you invest in your email strategy.
  2. Second, it's a strategy that could hardly be more targeted to your customer segment. After all, your email recipients already know your brand - they've signed up to receive emails from your company. It's also one of the few channels that works for both B2B and B2C.
  3. Third, once you set them up and structure them in the right way, the automatic flows will run themselves. If you don't know what automatic flows are, we've written a great blog post about three of the most important flows you should definitely consider for your email marketing.

You can create both manual and automatic flows. At Webamp we focus primarily on automated flows, as our working DNA is driven by customer data, performance and the customer journey itself, on which email marketing is largely tied.

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Benefits of email marketing

  • Getting your customers on the move
    Email is the only marketing strategy that allows your customers to communicate directly with you - and vice versa. Because emails today can be automated and sent based on specific data, they become much more personalised and create a closer relationship between you and your customers.

  • You can communicate bigger messages
    When it comes to advertising on various media and platforms, you usually have very little space/time to communicate a message. Emails therefore differ in that you have an incredible amount of space to communicate your messages, discounts, promotions etc. You also have more space to appear credible to your subscribers who are not already customers in your store - of course with the goal of getting them to convert.

  • You can retain and engage your customers
    Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to retain and engage your customers. Compared to other marketing strategies, you have the ability to follow up with your customers and maintain a steady customer base. In addition, emails are a brilliant channel to engage your subscribers - and in doing so, make them feel part of your universe.
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      • You're reaching ready-to-buy customers
        The customers who have signed up to your newsletter are customers who have already shown a direct interest in your brand or business. Your email list is therefore also made up only of your core target audience, which means you are most likely to reach ready-to-buy customers. With automated flows, you can even hit them right where interest is highest.

      • You can quickly and directly deliver your message
        Unlike other marketing channels such as flow TV, outdoor banners, commercials, etc., there is a short time between idea, execution and result. With email marketing, you can quickly create a template for your desired email and send out your message shortly after. E-mails are a way of communicating directly with the customer - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
      Get results with email marketing

      How to get started with email marketing!

      Hopefully by now you're 100% convinced of how ultra smart email marketing is! The next step is to think about what your marketing campaign should look like.

      Webamp's email marketing specialists are happy to show you the way through the landscape! Contact our email marketing agency today so we can help you plan your next email campaign.

      Whether you want to test your knowledge or want our help, you should first consider three basic elements of email marketing.

      The three elements of email marketing

      • Content is important in email marketing

        1. Content in your emails

        Content is undoubtedly essential in your marketing - especially on email.
        Content depends on the type of email campaign your company is running. Should the campaign be more visual or written? If you are a webshop selling a lot of products, your emails will most likely have a visual aspect with nice pictures.

        Although advertising via video may seem like a good idea, it is not an optimal format for email marketing. Videos can be slow to load on your customers' platforms, and you may risk the customer closing the email before they even see the video. Instead, you can link to the video and post it on SoMe, YouTube or your company website.

        Webamp has an experienced and creative content department ready to help you. Both in terms of visuals and copywriting directly to email or videos for SoMe platforms!

        Read more about content marketing.

      • The campaign strategy in email marketing

        2. Plan a good campaign strategy

        The next step is the most important - strategy! A thorough email marketing strategy helps clarify your goals, your approach and outline the flows you need to use. So what should your strategy include?

        You can start by asking yourself a series of questions:

        • What do we want to achieve?
        • What is our segment?
        • How often will we send emails to my customers?
        • Which platform will we use? At Webamp
        • we work with Mailchimp and Klaviyo.
        • What content do we need for the campaign?
        • How long will the campaign run?
        • How will we measure my results?
      • Our email marketing agency helps with your email campaign

        3. What type of campaign do you need?

        You should never buy a pre-made email list as it is often used by many other companies and therefore your emails are more likely to end up in the spam folder. It is time consuming, but it is optimal to spend resources building your own personal clientele over time.

        Ways to create a solid customer base

        • Website integration - Create a sign-up form so your customers can sign up for your newsletter. You may want to promise them a discount code if they sign up. This increases the chance of sign-ups.

        • Gamification - "Gamify" your marketing. It doesn't mean coding a game, but getting customers to interact with your business. Starbucks has had great success with their "Starbucks Rewards" where customers earn points for purchases. Include elements in your marketing where the customer will "play" with.
      Choosing a campaign for email marketing

      Get help from an email marketing agency

      Now you need to consider which type of campaign you want to use...
      There are a wide range of email campaigns, and not all of them are relevant to your business and your current and future customers. Most strategies include several different campaign types.

      • Welcome emails - Thank your customers for showing interest in your business! First step towards a close customer relationship.
      • The promotional campaign - New products, additional sales or something else. The most important thing for your business is to show your products to the customer.
      • The seasonal campaign - Doesn't your boyfriend need a Christmas present? Or don't you need some new speakers for the summer terrace?
      • Purchase follow-up - Show interest in your customer's purchase. Are they happy with the purchase?
        The social campaign - Do you hold events in store? Invite your subscribers.
        The newsletter - Updates, new products and initiatives are always important to inform the customer about.
        The abandoned basket - Maybe your customer forgot they liked a pair of cool boots on your website?
        The re-activating campaign - Previous customers need to be activated. If the customer has shopped with you before, chances are they will do so again. If it was a good experience, of course.

        The other elements of your strategy

        • Make sure you prepare templates for all your campaigns...
          If you draw the customer into a complete email universe, it will increase your brand awareness in the long run - and in the long run create more conversions for you. A compelling brand with a strong identity sells well with your customers.

        • Remember remember now to test your email campaigns on different platforms...
          Does your campaign look good on iPhone, iPad, computer etc?
          It needs to work in all formats - otherwise it can have a big effect on your company's credibility and professionalism. Your emails shouldn't look like spam!

        • Personalise your emails...
          CRM software is your best friend, delivering a unique experience to your customer. CRM collects relevant data about your customers' buying behavior on your site, so you can create flows that relate to that specific customer.

        • Follow-up and KPIs...
          You've probably heard of delivery rate, open rate and click-through rate before. When sending out emails, it's crucial that you track what you're getting out of your email marketing efforts. Tracking gives you automation capabilities while allowing you to test your flows and compare results from different campaigns. This way, you can always optimise your flows and overall email marketing efforts.
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        Data-driven and creative
        email specialists

        At Webamp we work data-driven and creatively with email marketing. So do you want help to start your email marketing journey - or do you want a helping hand to lift your current strategy and execution?

        Then our team of specialists is ready to help you.

        We can help you with everything from:

        • Setting up the right email system
        • Integration with your webshop (if you have one)
        • Developing a strategy for your business
        • Planning of campaigns
        • Preparation of content
        • Setting up automatic e-mail flows
        • Preparation of content
        • Reporting and ongoing adjustments
        • Segmentation of your lists

        Get help with email marketing

        Does your business need to be visible online - where your customers are?

        At Webamp you'll be met by a team of specialists in the key disciplines of digital marketing - from email marketing, video production and social ads to SEO and Google Ads.

        In other words, we have all the tools to ensure your business succeeds on digital channels.

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