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If you've had any contact with the marketing industry, you may have come across the term "content marketing". Some criticise the term, calling it a meaningless buzzword that smart-in-a-way marketers pull out of their sleeves at random

Cliché or not, producing useful and relevant content has never been more important. Web 2.0 has turned the internet into a tool for information discovery - and you can take advantage of this as a business.

Because by sharing valuable and relevant information, you can create top-of-mind awareness among your readers - and eventually turn them into loyal, repeat customers of your business.

Want help creating unique content that creates value for your customers - and your business? Then contact Webamp today. We have both copywriters and videographers in the fold who can help you and your business plan and execute your content marketing strategy.

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Create brand awarness with content marketing

Content marketing creates brand awareness

Content marketing is, in a nutshell, reader-centric marketing - receiver-relevant content that creates value first and foremost. Therefore, it does not necessarily create here-and-now customers. But that's not the point either.

Rather, the content is intended to create top-of-mind awareness among readers - who may eventually become paying customers.

Content marketing is all about creating content with value for the reader. In other words, you offer your customers not only products and solutions, but also your professional expertise. And your readers will keep that expertise in mind when they need the products or solutions your company sells.

Marketing and content that's relevant

Is content marketing just a buzzword?

At least, that's a criticism often heard when content marketing is mentioned. Buzzword or not, it can be a valuable asset in your company's marketing strategy.

And while content marketing has become a bit of a buzzword, the idea isn't actually that new again. For example, the cookbook Karolines Køkken is a classic example of receiver-oriented content, where the sender is a company - more specifically Arla (or Mejeriforeningen as the dairy giant was called when Karolines Køkken was first published in 1962).

The trick of the book, by the way, was that all the recipes contained dairy products.

In this way, Mejeriforeningen created value for their customers, who were inspired to cook in everyday life, but also for themselves, as Danes became aware of more ways to use dairy products - and therefore felt the need to buy more dairy products.

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Examples of content marketing

Modern content marketing can easily be in a physical format, but the formats will typically be digital - for example blog posts on your own website, video content on YouTube or digital guides.

Examples of content marketing:

  • A blog post about laying the perfect foundation on the webshop that sells makeup.
  • A recommendation or a review of a wine on the web shop selling wine.
  • An e-book on marketing from the agency that does online marketing.
  • A webinar on stock trading on the bank's website.
    A video with bike maintenance tips from the bike mechanic.
  • Good advice on dental care on the dentist's website.

If you want to see more examples and tips, we highly recommend reading Texta's article on content marketing.

Create relevant content for your audience
Avoid disappointing potential customers with boring content

Why you should prioritise well-written content

The short answer: long-lasting customer relationships. The purpose of content marketing is to create and maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

But the remedy isn't cold canvas and content plastered with call-to-action buttons - your readers won't be ready for that yet. That's not push marketing! It's pull marketing, pulling your customers step by step through the sales funnel - from peak need to maturity to sale.

That's why value for your target audience is the alpha and omega when you work with content marketing. It builds trust that you and your company are not just after cold conversions - but have a genuine interest in helping and guiding with qualified expertise.

Get to the top on Google

Content marketing can also create value for the sender - and therefore your business - if you actively work with it as part of your marketing.

For example, you will see a growth in your SEO if you work with content marketing on your website. First, because by posting content frequently you create a dynamic website. This way, you avoid turning your website into a so-called "zombie site" - a living dead page that may exist, but is flatlining in terms of traffic.

Secondly, you will rank on far more keywords. In other words, you'll be more visible on Google, expanding your audience.

In Webamp we have been working on a content strategy for a client selling skin care and skin treatments in the first half of 2021. This strategy has resulted in a doubling of views on Google in the first half of 2021 compared to the last half of 2020.

Create relevant content for your audience
Relevant content creates customer relationships

From strategy to execution

No business is too small to create quality content for their audiences. Everyone can join in. But it's not always easy to get ideas off the ground, just as it can be difficult to find a strategic direction with your content plan.

If so, we at Webamp are ready to help you with everything from strategy to execution. In other words, we'll help you with everything from pitching to producing the content itself - whether that's in the form of compelling and consumer-oriented copy for your website and social channels or professional video production.

At Webamp , we always create content based on the reality of your business. That means we have your audience and industry in mind when we do content marketing. So we analyse what your audience wants and tailor content accordingly.

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