SEO led to doubling of organic website traffic - how we boosted ceramics shop's online visibility.

Selected results

Organic keywords in top 3
Organic keywords in top 10
14.276 sessions
Absolute increase in organic traffic in high season
90 %
Relative increase in organic users in high season

SEO gave online visibility and more customers - no joy for ceramics retailer

Since 1975 Cerama has been Denmark's leading specialist shop for ceramics and glass. The vision is to make ceramics a part of every Dane's everyday life and at the same time pave the way for some of the most talented ceramists the profession has to offer.

The company realises this vision by offering professional advice and courses in ceramics at its address in Hvidovre. Alongside their inspirational universe, Cerama also runs a webshop where aspiring and established ceramicists can buy everything from ceramic kilns and wheels to the clay that is the focal point of it all.


Information about the customer



March 2019


It can be difficult to put something as tangible as clay and ceramics in the same context as something as digital and abstract as SEO. What both clay and SEO have in common, however, is the malleability, dynamism and uncertainty of the final outcome.

The uncertainty of the final result was also a problem in the Webamp SEO department when we acquired Cerama as a client in spring 2019. Because, like clay and ceramics, Cerama's desire was enough to take hold: they needed to be more visible in search engines and gain exposure on a wide range of industry-relevant keywords.

But how do you plan and execute a SEO strategy to get a website to the top of Google for such broad and generic keywords as 'ceramics', 'clay oven' and 'pottery wheel'?

In other words, the road seemed almost as intangible as clay is tangible.


Solution model

With over 45 years in the business, Cerama's credibility was already cemented in the physical world. Now it just needed to be cemented in the digital world. Or to put it another way: Google needed to understand that Cerama's website was worth showing in search results.

We therefore embarked on a comprehensive technical optimisation of the website - from a more search engine friendly structure and redirects of 404 pages to the implementation of correct HTML tags and the setup of structured data. Not least, we set up advanced tracking to ensure the business reliable reporting of the results, which was the whole cornerstone of the collaboration.

As icing on the cake, in early 2021 we helped Cerama develop a new, beautiful website for Cerama. In doing so, we of course also provided migration of the website to ensure that the domain retained its great rankings and many visitors.

We have done the following:

  • Linkbuilding
  • Technical SEO
  • Setting up advanced tracking
  • Development of a new website
  • Migration of new website

Doubling of organic traffic in high season

SEO-The efforts on the website have given Ceramas great rankings on Google - and thus a noticeable increase in organic traffic.

At the time of writing, the company boasts no less than 205 keywords in the top 10 of Google's organic search results. And with organic traffic almost doubling in the 2020 peak season compared to the previous year, the strong rankings have not only led to more exposure - but also more customers.

In short, Cerama's desire for visibility and exposure on industry-relevant keywords was met with Webamp's SEO effort. There is no shortage of joy in the SEO effort for the ceramics retailer.