Meta tags are the shortcut to more visitors

Visually compelling meta tags are your go-to weapon in the battle for clicks. Because the more eye-catching your meta tags are, the better your chances of getting traffic to your website via organic search results.

We've developed a simple tool that makes it easy for you to increase your CTR - and rank higher in search results.

Today, the content of SEO texts must be valuable for users.

What is CTR?

CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage ratio of impressions to clicks. For example, you have a CTR/click-through rate of 1% if your page appears 100 times in search results and gets one click. You should always aim for as high a CTR as possible - simply because: high CTR = more traffic through search results.

So what is a high CTR?

It depends a bit on your rankings in the organic search results. As a rule of thumb, a CTR of over 5% is good, but if you have a top position, you can aim for 15-20%.

Webamps meta tags tool

How to use Webamp's meta tags tool

The tool gives points from 0 to 100 - we call this the CTR score. The higher the CTR score, the higher your chance of getting clicks in the search results.

Fill in the fields "SEO-title" and "meta-description", which together make up your meta tags (also called SERP snippet). In the "Import from URL" field, you may want to copy-paste the URL of the subpage you want to drive more traffic to. This way you can compare your old CTR score with your new one.

Watch the values in brackets as you fill in the fields - they tell you how much space (in pixels) you have available for desktop and mobile viewing. If the values turn red, you've exceeded the limit on how many pixels Google can display in search results.

Today, the content of SEO texts must be valuable for users.

How to get a high CTR score

We measure your CTR score based on the 7 criteria you can see in the box below. If you meet all 7 criteria, you'll get a CTR score of 100. In other words, the goal is to:

  1. write a SEO title of sufficient length, containing numbers and power words
  2. write a meta-description of sufficient length, containing at least one sentence and at least one power word
  3. create CTA (call to action) in either SEO title or meta description by using CTA words.

Finally, remember that your SEO title and meta description should also contain the keyword you want to be found on.

Have fun making your own catchy meta tags that can skyrocket your click-through rate. If you need inspiration, below we've created an example of meta tags with a CTR score of 100.

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