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Want to increase your company's visibility to potential customers in your local area? Then you can't go without local SEO, which gives you visibility on Google for local searches. At Webamp , our SEO specialists are ready to advise you on how to become visible when your target audience searches locally.

Local SEO for the ambitious

Local SEO is an ideal online marketing strategy for businesses that operate locally and want to be found by users from a specific city, region or geographic area. The strategy focuses on ensuring your business ranks higher on search engines when users search for services or products you offer in your local area.

The focus on working with local SEO has increased significantly in relevance with the increased use of smartphones, which make it easy to do a quick search on the go. When users search locally for businesses, it is therefore important that they find relevant information about the company. The most relevant information is NAP: Name, Address and Phone number. Indeed, most users search with the intention of obtaining contact information quickly.

As a SEO agency, Webamp can be your company's most important asset in the battle for the coveted Google top rankings in your local area. If you want to boost your company's visibility both locally and digitally, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Webamp working with local SEO

How we work with
local SEO

As mentioned, local SEO focuses on boosting your business' visibility on Google among local Google users. Google's search engine in particular gives high weight to local pages in search results - simply because Google always prioritises user-friendliness. Therefore, this strategy is particularly relevant and beneficial if your business has a physical location or offers services in specific geographical areas.

As with all SEO , the local one depends on hundreds of different factors. However, there are 6 ingredients in particular that we focus on to boost your local visibility:

6 key ingredients for local visibility

  • Google My Business
  • NAP
  • On-page SEO
  • SERP optimization
  • Mobile optimization
Google My Business is the alpha and omega of local SEO.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the alpha and omega when working with local SEO. Here you can gather your business' general information - for example, address, opening hours, contact details, etc. Google then uses it to geo-locate your business, making it easy for potential customers to quickly see relevant information about your business.

You can also link directly to subpages describing your products or services via Google My Business. This way, potential customers can quickly get an overview of your business directly in the search results.

Google My Business is your online business card

Google My Business is your online business card

Google My Business is super smart because you highlight information about your business directly in the search results, so the consumer doesn't have to click through to your website to find it.

The general information, for example the geographical location or opening hours, can be exactly what determines whether a customer shops with you and whether you appear in local searches.

You can read much more about Google My Business in our post "Google My Business - how to set up your online business card".

On page SEO is also important for local SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is about optimising the structure and content of your website to rank higher for specific keywords - for example, local searches. The whole point of increasing your visibility locally is to incorporate your locality and relevant keywords into your SEO. When we do on-page search engine optimisation, there are a number of elements that we always include:

For example, the H1 - the heading of a landing page - on Webamp's SEO page includes both SEO agency and search engine optimisation, both of which are relevant keywords. In addition, it includes Copenhagen, which is our location.

SERP optimization is also part of local SEO

SERP optimization

SERP is an abbreviation for Search Engine Result Page. SERP is the place on Google where potential customers can see your website.

Google always displays 3 elements in the SERP:

  • Page title (title tag, SEO title or meta title)
  • Meta description
  • URL address

While the purpose of on-page SEO is to ensure high rankings on Google, SERP optimization is to ensure visibility and clicks. SERP optimisation also allows your website to own more pixels - usually via structured data - which can ultimately lead to higher click-through rates - and therefore more potential customers visiting your website.

Ift. local SEO , SERP optimization should include location and relevant keywords. If a user searches for a SEO agency (keywords) in Copenhagen (location), it is important that these are included in your SEO title and meta descriptions.

Keep track of your NAP when making local SEO

Keep track of your NAP

As mentioned earlier, NAP is the most relevant information that you should include in your Google My Business. It is important that this information is always updated and synchronized on all your active channels, so that Google is not confused but has the possibility to summarize the referrals.

For example, your information on Facebook, Trustpilot, Krak or Instagram.

many surf on mobile when surfing locally

Mobile optimisation of your website

It's important that your website is user-friendly on all platforms - whether the user is using a PC, phone or tablet.

When working with local SEO, smartphone usability is essential. Indeed, most local searches are done on the phone, as it is easy to do if you remember something. Therefore, it's important that your website is as responsive and beautiful on tablet as it is on desktop.

At the same time, Google also evaluates and prioritises your website's mobile-friendliness when ranking websites. Therefore, mobile optimization is also part of the package when we do local search engine optimization in Webamp.

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