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From expensive conversions on low-coverage services to cheap conversions on high-coverage services. New marketing strategy made logistics company visible on Google.

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Increase in organic exposures on Google (Q1 2022 vs. Q1 2021
Increase in organic clicks on Google (Q1 2022 vs. Q1 2021)
Increase in organic page views (2021 vs. 2020)
From +900 kr. to 291 kr.
Decrease in average conversion price in Google Ads
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At JD Logistics, we have been through many web agencies that have not delivered on their agreements and promises. We had this fear before we switched to Webamp. Fortunately, we became much wiser. Webamp plays with open cards and is not afraid to say if you as a customer are doing something wrong. Our contacts, Nicolai and Adam, have really immersed themselves in our business to deliver a decent job. As a result, we didn't just get a package deal, but actually a tailor-made solution that suits our business and our customers.
Mikkel Jacobsen
Warehouse manager and co-owner of JD Logistik
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New marketing strategy gave increased exposure and more customers

JD Logistik is a logistics company based in Hvidovre with branches in Roskilde and Glostrup. The company originally started as a moving company back in 1998 but has since expanded its business to include container rental as well as warehousing, storage and logistics services such as warehouse management and pick & pack.

The company is a genuine family business, owned and run by founder Jørgen Ditlev and his sons Kasper and Mikkel. Together with the rest of the staff, the family today runs a stable business where values such as professionalism, service, morale, team and family are key elements. These values have made JD Logistik one of the most reputable companies in the industry.


Information about the customer


From June 2020


JD Logistik had previously spent marketing money on obtaining low-coverage moving assignments.

Therefore, we proposed a change of course: the marketing should focus on the larger storage and logistics assignments with a higher degree of coverage - and thus support JD Logistik's ambition to develop from "just" a moving company to a full-blooded logistics company.


Solution model

When JD Logistik became a customer of Webamp in the summer of 2020, they had relied exclusively on paid advertising to drive traffic to their website. However, the ad dollars were far from delivering the desired return - the conversion rates were far too high, averaging more than $900, and much of the traffic generated by the ads was not relevant to the company, as the marketing focused on moving jobs they had been working away from for several years. As a result, the return on advertising was far too low.

That's why we created a well thought-out SEO strategy, focusing on making the company visible on industry-relevant keywords with high search volume. This should ensure JD Logistik higher awareness and more orders for high-coverage jobs - and thus a higher return on their marketing investment.

SEOThe cooperation with JD Logistik has been a close collaboration between Webamp and the company. Mikkel from JD Logistik is both developer and administrator of the company's website, and he has therefore worked hands on to implement the changes and optimisations that Webamp has proposed along the way.

A large part of Webamp's task has been to provide new content for both existing and new landing pages based on competitor and keyword analysis. In addition, we have been responsible for technical optimization of the website - including optimization of meta tags, internal link structure, structured data setup and speed improvement. Finally, we worked on outreach and link building to strengthen the website's credibility.

At the end of 2021, we also expanded our cooperation with Google Adsand Webamp's Google Ads and SEO divisions are now working closely together to ensure JD Logistics' visibility on both the paid and organic parts of Google Search.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content
  • Advice and sparring

Change of course gave great rankings and more clicks

Outputs are usually the result of inputs, and the exchange rate change has certainly had a positive impact on output. The logistics company, for example, can look forward to page 1 rankings on Google for highly relevant and major keywords such as "storage hotel", "container storage", "cheap storage" and "self storage".

Overall, the company is significantly stronger on Google today than it was in the summer of 2020, when it partnered with Webamp. Back then, it had just two keywords on the first page of Google. By spring 2022, JD Logistics can boast 36 top 10 rankings - 17 of which are in the top 5.

The increased visibility on Google has also been reflected in the traffic to the website - in the first quarter of 2022, JD Logistik received almost 1,300 clicks on Google, 702 more clicks than in the same quarter in 2021.

Webamp's focus on optimizing existing and producing new landing pages has also shown up on the paid marketing of Google Ads. Here we have reduced the average conversion price from over 900 DKK to under 300 DKK.