Attract interest with Pinterest Ads

It can be difficult to plan events without a good starting point. We seek inspiration for all aspects of our lives, and that's where Pinterest comes in. 

Get started with Pinterest advertising that reaches customers early in the buying process. 

Create interest with Pinterest Ads

Advertising that hits early in the buying process

It can be difficult to plan events without a good starting point. How should you decorate your room and what should you eat for dinner? What exercise routine is ideal for toning abs and how could you decorate your Christmas tree this year?

We seek inspiration for every aspect of our lives where we can find it. Pinterest is the platform that allows users to gather inspiration in all formats, and businesses to get noticed early in the buying process. Read on to find out why Pinterest is exactly where you need to hit the consumer.

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Create visibility with advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest - a visual moodboard

Pinterest is different in many ways from typical social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The platform acts as a visual search engine or visual mood board, focusing on the visual rather than interaction between users. The aim is to inspire users and help them discover new and exciting ideas and projects. The platform is in fact a focal point for inspiration that users can use to plan all aspects of their lives. These range from ideas for home decor, cooking and exercise routines to major events such as birthday parties, weddings and holidays.

When you open Pinterest, you are greeted by your start feed, which consists of a series of pins determined based on your interests, people you follow and previously saved pins. Pins can consist of images and videos, which can be saved in folders you create yourself. Despite its purpose of gathering inspiration, the platform still allows you to interact with other users, which puts it in the category of a social media. Today, the platform has 478 million monthly active users who use it to seek inspiration, get new ideas and plan their next purchase.

Start your adventure with Pinterest Ads

You will be one of the first

On Pinterest, you can find inspiration for everything from everyday interests like cooking, to holidays like Christmas or big events like weddings. This is typically where users look in the very early stages of planning.

When the consumer has not yet made a decision, businesses and advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach the consumer earlier in the customer journey than they can on, say, Instagram or Facebook. On Pinterest, the consumer seeks out information themselves, which means they will have an open mindset towards receiving inspiration - which could very well be an ad.

However, not many companies have realised the potential of Pinterest. Want to be one of the first? 

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Innovative ad formats

Users' search behaviour is further supported by Pinterest's innovative ad formats, which help consumers find useful and relevant ideas that tie in with their interests.

The ads are displayed in three different locations:

  • Home Feed: Gives users ideas based on interests.
  • Search: gives users ideas based on keywords.
  • Related Pins: gives users ideas based on pins they have previously saved.

Ads are placed as part of the user's feed, so they don't interfere with browsing. Unlike ads on other social platforms, pins often continue to be relevant long after they are created. The more users who interact with your ad, for example saving it, the more often it will be highlighted to other users.

Make use of innovative ad formats
Great purchase intent on Pinterest

26% of users have a purchase intention

Pinterest users are thus focused on the future and their interest in seeking inspiration for life's big and small events means that the medium has great potential as an advertising platform. When browsing, users are still in the inspiration phase, looking for just the right product or recommendation. As many as 97% of searches on Pinterest are generic, meaning that no specific brands, products or categories are searched for. This allows businesses to target users at the moment when they are most receptive to new products and brands.

If we look a little closer at how users perceive the content, some quick statistics say that:

  • 89% of weekly pinners use Pinterest for buying inspiration.
  • 77% of pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
  • 83% of pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.
  • 26% of time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping, which is far higher than on any other medium.
Create interest in your product with ads on Pinterest
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What you can expect from Pinterest Ads

As you may have guessed, there are a number of benefits to including Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy.

But what can you really expect to achieve with ads on Pinterest? We give you an overview of the most relevant benefits of advertising on Pinterest.

Read more below. 

Country lifetime for ads on Pinterest

The life of an ad

An ad on Pinterest has a longer lifespan than an ad on Instagram. Longevity is based specifically on how much users interact with your ad - the more people who pin it, the more people it spreads to.

This means that a pin can appear in a feed several months after it was originally created. Pinterest Ads are particularly attractive because of their long lifetime.

Achieve wide reach for your ads

Large range

As said, the more interaction pins get, the more they spread. This provides a good opportunity to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Once a user has pinned your pin, they will be able to access your website quickly and easily.

Affordable prices for ads on Pinterest

Affordable prices

The cost of advertising on Pinterest is lower than on other platforms.

When the ad also has a longer lifespan on Pinterest, it makes the medium the ideal platform to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website at an affordable price.

Take your social media marketing to new heights

Webamp are specialists in Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting platform that stands out from mainstream social media. The app gives businesses a unique opportunity to target the user early in the buying process, making it an interesting medium to include in your marketing strategy.

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