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Do you sell a product or service aimed at the younger target group? Then Snapchat advertising could be right for you and your business. 

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Advertising to the younger target group

The digital world is constantly evolving and communication on it is characterised by brevity and speed. It is precisely these factors that greatly characterise the Snapchat application, which launched its snap-chat sharing concept in 2011. The latest social media craze quickly caught users' attention, giving Snapchat a solid position among popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Today, Snapchat has an estimated 238 million active users worldwide, who use the platform daily to send photos and videos to other users. The high number of active users has also attracted the attention of companies who see the potential of advertising on Snapchat. If you haven't yet ventured into the commercial side of Snapchat, or if you could do with a refresher on the many possibilities the app offers, here's a sharp introduction to the medium and its many possibilities.

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Advertising on Snapchat

Communication and image sharing

Snap. Chat. In 2011, a revolutionary yet simple concept was introduced to the digital world. While the other media that ruled the digital world relied on letting the user leave digital footprints, Snapchat relied on being able to disappear quickly. In seconds, the user can share a picture with other users - once the picture is opened, however, it disappears automatically. Fast and efficient.

It was especially the time-limited feature that made Snapchat a popular medium for communication, which has also resulted in as many as 40% of Danes having a profile on the application. To underline the popularity of the medium, Snapchat has been in the top 4 most used social media in Denmark since 2019, with 46% of active users using the application daily. As many as 71% of 15-25 year olds are active on Snapchat, while 54% of 26-35 year olds are also on the medium. The high percentage of users on the medium makes Snapchat an interesting platform for advertisers.

Today, the content of SEO texts must be valuable for users.

Why your business should advertise on Snapchat

Besides the high number of daily users of the medium, there are plenty of good arguments why your business should advertise on Snapchat. The medium's concept of rapid communication also means that users open the application an average of 25 times a day, spending a combined 30 minutes. The platform's user base is wide and varied, making it particularly relevant for top-funnel advertising where brand and product awareness is key. Advertisers thus have the opportunity to reach a wide audience several times a day.

A relevant point to note is that more than 60% of all videos played on Snapchat are played with sound. If that doesn't sound like a significant fact, we can tell you that up to 85% of videos on Facebook are played without sound - which can end up taking away an essential part of the ad.

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Advantages of advertising on Snapchat

So there are a number of good reasons why your business should include Snapchat as part of your marketing strategy. Another advantage of using ads on Snapchat is that the medium allows you to achieve a wide range of measurable results:

  • More mobile app installations
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased brand awareness and user engagement
  • More conversions
  • Lead generation.

Once you've chosen a goal, Snapchat will then help you achieve it by optimising for user interaction with it. It is therefore also important that you have defined the objective of your campaign before you create it.

Advantages of Snapchat Ads

Ad formats on Snapchat

There are several different ad types, formats and campaigns that can appear on users' stories as well as on the Discover feature.

Overall, there are four different ad formats on Snapchat - Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, and Filters and Sponsored Lenses.

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Snap Ads

Snap Ads are the most common form of ads on Snapchat. These ads appear in full screen when users browse between friends' and advertisers' stories. Ads can consist of many different types of creative content, including videos, GIFS and images, and they offer great CTA opportunities, as there is the option to add links and swipe up features, which can, for example, send the user directly to your website

Story Ads on Snapchat

Story Ads

Story Ads are available in Snapchat's Discover feature, where the user is presented with a number of different stories, which are grouped into an ad set. The ads will thus appear as a single paid story. Story Ads work well to present and display different products with related links that can send users directly to your website.

Advertising with Collection Ads

Collection Ads

Collection Ads can best be compared to a catalogue, where users are presented with an image with up to four smaller images of products. These are also displayed between stories where users can click through to the products or your website.


Filters and sponsored lenses

Snapchat is also known for their fun and lively lenses that rely on facial recognition. It is possible to make the lenses yourself, but it can quickly cost several thousand dollars to have them made, which is why it is mainly larger companies that take advantage of the option.

Another and cheaper solution is to create a filter such as a Geotag. These features are therefore most relevant in terms of creating brand awareness or to promote a local site.

Track your ads on Snapchat

Track your ads with Snapchat Pixel

Like other media, Snapchat offers a pixel, which is a piece of code you insert on your website. The pixel allows you to track users' behaviour after they've seen your ad. You can then create custom audiences, as well as lookalike groups made up of users outside your segment but who share similar digital behaviours. You can insert Snapchat's pixel on your website before you start advertising, to track users' interaction with the campaign from the very first encounter.

Take your marketing to new heights with Snapchat

Take your marketing to new heights

Even after 10 years in the field, Snapchat is an interesting platform that stands out from mainstream social media. The app gives businesses a unique opportunity to reach a wide range of users on a daily basis, making it an interesting medium to include in your marketing strategy.

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