Retargeting on Facebook

Reach your lost customers through retargeting on Facebook and get more conversions on your website.

With retargeting, you can tailor your advertising to suit the needs of your business and the audience that regularly visits your website.

Online advertising is good when you advertise on different platforms

Increase your chances of sales with retargeting

Very few people buy or convert the first time they visit a website or webshop. For example, the average conversion rate on web shops is just 2 percent.

But even if your visitors don't convert on the first visit, they don't have to be lost. Because with retargeting on Facebook, you can reach visitors who have visited your website without making a purchase, filling out a contact form, signing up for your newsletter or completing other types of conversions.

That way, you have one more chance to convert them into paying customers.

But what exactly is retargeting? How does it work? And how do we work with it in Webamp? Read on to find out - or contact Webamp today to find out how you can get your lost customers.

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increase the chance of sales with retargeting

What is retargeting?

The idea of retargeting can probably best be explained with an example from the physical, analogue world.

You need a coffee grinder, so you visit the local hardware store. Here you explore the store's selection of coffee grinders. However, you leave without buying a coffee grinder - or anything else, for that matter. And you never return to the shop again.

So the hardware store has lost a potential customer, just as you have to settle for boring freeze-dried coffee instead of aromatic, freshly ground beans when you need to quench your coffee thirst.

The above scenario is of course quite common in retail. It would be utopian to think that all customers leave the store with a full shopping basket.

The same is true online - you can't expect your visitors to put something in their basket just because they visit your webshop. Clicks in no way equal conversions.

But luckily, there is a tool to increase your conversion rate: retargeting on Facebook.

Because with retargeting you can remind your potential customers that they have shown interest in your products via advertising on Facebook and Instagram. In this way, you can target an audience that has already shown an interest in your business - and perhaps catch them at a point in their buying process when they are more likely to buy your product.

The chances of conversion are much higher when you advertise to an audience that already knows your brand or has shown interest in your product, rather than to an audience that doesn't know your brand or has visited your website before.

That's why retargeting on Facebook and Instagram is essential if you want to increase your conversion rate - and therefore your revenue.

Today, the content of SEO texts must be valuable for users.

How retargeting works - advertising tailored to your business

Retargeting on Facebook works much like remarketing on Google Ads. But where in Google Ads it is a cookie that triggers a retargeting ad, on Facebook it is a so-called Facebook pixel that triggers a retargeting ad.

In practice, this is done by installing a Facebook pixel on your website. That pixel then records all Facebook users who visit the site.

That way you get:

1) Demographic data about Facebook users on your website.

2) Ability to build a target audience on facebook, based on the conversion events you have set up - for example all visits, abandoned carts, completed purchases etc.

That way, you can make specific ads to your target audience based on where they are in their buying journey.

3) Ability to create dynamic ads where Facebook displays specific products or services that your visitors have shown interest in.

For example, if a visitor has looked at one particular blouse in your webshop, you can then tailor your advertising to show them ads for that very blouse when they scroll on their social media.

4) Insight into the return on your ads.

You'll be able to see how your ads are performing, based on the conversions you've set up on your website.

5) Ability to create look-a-like audiences, based on your retargeting data. For example, you can create a new audience that looks like someone who has already purchased a product on your website.

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How we work with retargeting in Webamp´

How we work with retargeting in Webamp

When we use retargeting on Facebook and Instagram, we first look at whether your website is generating enough data to run retargeting campaigns. This allows us to assess whether there is a need to expand with a push strategy to drive brand awareness and traffic to the website.

In fact, the prerequisite for a successful retargeting strategy is a well-functioning top-funnel strategy that creates sales opportunities and an increased retargeting audience.

From there, we analyse the purchase journey and design the retargeting campaign to ensure they hit the target audience where they are.

In this way, we push your target group further in the buying process to increase your conversion rate.

This ensures a profitable retargeting strategy.

Get started safely with retargeting

Retargeting is a puzzle that requires both experience and knowledge of the many possibilities. In other words, don't hesitate to leave your retargeting strategy in the hands of experienced specialists if you want the highest possible ROI - and therefore the greatest return on your ad dollars.

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In the analysis, we look at whether you are targeting the right channels for your audience, whether your content matches the audience and many other factors that ultimately influence whether you get the desired results.

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