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Get a SoMe strategy that gets results

Don't shoot with a spread, don't sail without a clear course, always keep your eye on the ball. There are many ways to say it. You need to be targeted and specific - even with your SoMe marketing, and that's why you need to lay out a SoMe strategy.

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Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

Social media marketing - key considerations

Even if you are present on various social media, it does not equate to increased sales and traffic on your website. Just like a ship needs a clear course, your SoMe marketing also needs an overall strategy.

To get results, it's not enough to make SoMe posts based on gut feelings. Strategic considerations need to be rooted in concrete data and targeted plans. But a SoMe strategy need not be long or complicated - quite the opposite. A good SoMe strategy is often short, precise and easy to understand.

Before you embark on any strategic planning, it's important to have defined your specific social media goals. Look at your company's overall goals for the coming years and consider how marketing on Facebook, Instagram or other media can help achieve them.

Examples of targets can be...

  • ... to build relationships with new customers.
  • ... to increase sales.
  • ... to attract more leads - e.g. newsletter sign-ups.
  • ... to raise awareness of your brand.
  • ... to strengthen customer service.

Which social media should you focus on?

After defining your objectives, it is of course important to define your target audience. This will ensure that your business actually reaches the people it is intended to. That's why it's a good idea to carry out a target group analysis.

Then you can also decide whether to focus on Facebook advertising, Instagram or something else entirely. Of course, it makes the most sense to focus on the channels your audience uses most, so your content reaches the right people.

For example, do you need to concentrate on marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram? Or maybe several at once? If the audience analysis is thorough enough, you can also deduce which social media are best to play on.

The two biggest social media platforms in our latitudes are Facebook and Instagram in terms of number of users. This means that there is a high probability that your customers are on either Facebook or Instagram, and therefore Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising are also two good options for reaching your core target audience.

It's also a good idea to check which channels your competitors are using and see how you can stand out from them. That way you can get a head start and find out what works in your particular industry.

The difference between paid and organic marketing

If you want to raise awareness of your brand, paid marketing is a particularly effective tool. Paid marketing can be Facebook advertising, for example, and it differs from organic marketing in that you can reach all kinds of customers and audiences on social media. Instead of spreading the word, you can decide which group of people will see your posts.

Paid ads are often used in conjunction with a new product or service, and paid marketing allows you as a business to reach beyond your follower base and directly to potential customers. That's why paid marketing is a must-have tool.

Organic marketing really just means free marketing. All social media users can freely share posts, videos and stories at no cost, and so can you from your business profile. Being active on various social media channels generates attention, likes and more visitors to your website.

Organic posts can be about many different things, such as new products, business news and invitations to customer interaction (competitions, polls, knowledge sharing, etc.). The tone is usually more informal and the dialogue is often more direct. This is why many companies prefer to use organic marketing on social media rather than paid.

However, for best results, it is a good idea to implement both paid and organic marketing in your SoMe strategy. Paid marketing can reach a lot of people, whereas organic marketing is an excellent way to nurture existing relationships and create brand awareness.

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