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6 tips for SEO in 2023

Are you about to embark on the magical world of SEO, or simply improve your current strategy? Get 5 search engine optimisation tips for 2023 to get you off to a great start in the new year.

Nicolai Vittrup
Last updated: May 16, 2023

Use relevant and long keywords

It is important to use relevant and longtailed keywords when working with SEO, because it helps to get your website to rank higher in search results. When you use relevant keywords, you signal to search engines that your website is relevant to the keywords people are searching for. This makes it easier for Google to understand what your website is about, and therefore show yours above those of your competitors.

Longtailed keywords are good as they are more specific and therefore can better target the keywords people are actually searching for.

For example, a longtailed keyword like "best coffee bars in Copenhagen" would be just as relevant as the keyword "coffee bar". A good SEO text contains both long tail and short tail keywords. Most importantly, remember to write for humans rather than Google's robots.

Build a solid and natural link profile

Another essential tip if you're going to get started with SEO in 2023 is to build a solid link profile. This means getting other websites to link to your website. However, it's really important that you don't spam your website with bad links, but focus on building a solid and natural link profile.

Ways to build a good link profile:

  • Network with other websites.
  • Guest blog on other websites.
  • Use social media.
  • Buy links from domains with high traffic and a high DR.

You can check if the domain is strong through Ahrefs.

Optimise your website for mobile

Most people who need to do a search on Google, they use their mobile phone. That's why it's important that your website is optimised for mobile.

You can do this by getting a responsive web design, so your website automatically adapts to the screen size of the device being used.

The benefits of having a responsive website include:

  • Visitors to your website will have a better user experience.
  • It has a positive impact on your SEO.
    There is a greater chance that visitors will become converting customers.
  • A good website exudes professionalism and enhances your branding.

Focus on the user experience

Search engines place great emphasis on user experience when ranking websites in search results. That's why it's important to focus on giving your visitors a good experience when they visit your website. You can do this by having user-friendly navigation, fast loading times and good, relevant content.

A good user experience can lead to increased traffic, more conversions and a higher ranking in search results. That's something we SEO specialists love.

Use meta tags and meta descriptions

Meta tags and meta descriptions are the pieces of text that appear below your link in Google search results. They inform Google users what's on your website, and this can certainly help increase click-through rates. If you make sure you use relevant and unique meta tags and meta descriptions on all your pages, you can get the most out of your title and meta descriptions.

Example from our page on SEO in 2023:

SEO i 2023

In addition, meta tags and meta description are also really important for a Google Ads specialist, as it allows targeting ads to specific searches. This will increase the possibility of generating conversions from the ads.

AI tools in your SEO strategy

Ugh, this is something that divides waters (like so much else) when talking about search engine optimization in 2023. Most people working in online marketing have a LinkedIn where the home page explodes with AI-related questions.

One of the most talked-about AI programmes at the moment is OpenAI, which uses artificial intelligence to build experience, adapt to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.

In the context of SEO , it can be used for:

  • Drafting text content for landing pages and blog posts.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Optimisation of text content.
  • Analysis of user behaviour.
  • Identify technical errors.

However, it is important that you always check the contents thoroughly. Wearing your SEO glasses is a must, don't just rely on the AI tool. I've used the program myself, and if you provide the right information yourself, it works sublimely for content creation.

However, AI is a new phenomenon in search engine optimisation, so it will be interesting to see what effect it has in the long term.

FAQ - SEO in 2023

What is a good external link structure?

A good external link building strategy includes links from domains with high traffic and a high domain rating. If your website has a good external link structure, it will make it clear that your website is valuable to users. This can lead to you rising in search results on Google.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a collection of techniques aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search results. This is done by optimising the website based on keywords relevant to the business in question and by improving the user experience on the website.

Can you use AI for SEO?

Yes, it is possible to use AI in SEO. AI can help generate content, identify relevant keywords, optimise website content and analyse user behaviour. However, it is important to remember that AI does not replace human knowledge and insight, and therefore it should only be used as a complement to your SEO strategy.

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