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Webamp are now Shopify experts

As of today, Webamp's web department can call itself Shopify Experts. This means that we are now certified by Shopify - for the benefit of our webshop customers, who are thus guaranteed to work with highly qualified designers and developers.

You'd think a dark day at the end of October would bring the energy level down at the office on Vester Farimagsgade. But we had a hard time getting our arms down when an email from Shopify arrived at the end of last week.

Because with the email came a piece of news we've been hoping for: That Webamp are now Shopify experts!

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- Specialist
Last updated: 12. dec. 2022

What does it mean to be Shopify experts?

At Webamp , Shopify has long been our go-to eCommerce platform because it's a user-friendly and intuitive platform that makes it easy to design unique webshops that reflect our customers' visual identities.

Our love of Shopify means that we now know the system inside out - to the benefit of our webshop customers.

But from today, our future clients will have a concrete quality mark to navigate when choosing between Webamp and other agencies. Because as Shopify experts, we can now guarantee our clients that they are working with:

  • highly qualified designers and developers specialised in building professional web shops
  • a hand-picked agency that sees the value in a Shopify webshop
  • volunteers who can and will contribute to other volunteers' projects
  • certified experts who can help with targeted online marketing of your brand

You can read more about your benefits of working with a Shopify expert at Shopify.

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