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Landing pages

Imagine you're on a plane heading to a foreign country. The plane lands safely on the runway and you step into the airport, which is your first introduction to the new country. Here you can see information about local time, temperature and the country's capital.

In the digital universe, all your searches are just like this flight. When you land on a landing page - the virtual runway - you get an impression of what the website contains.

The landing page is your first impression of the website you're visiting - so it's important that it's engaging, presents you with the right information and offers an attractive user experience. But how can you make sure your landing page does just that?

Frederik Rosenkilde
- Production Manager
Last updated: Sep 22, 2023

A landing page can be many things

A landing page is the place where you as a user "land" when you click on a link, an ad or perform a search on the internet. For example, a landing page is always associated with an Google Ads ad via a URL so that Google can understand which page the ad should link to.

Landing pages can be many things, and your website most likely has more than one landing page. For example, a landing page can be a product category, a product page, an information page or a blog post.

In other words, landing pages are all the subpages on your website that customers can land on by clicking a link. These pages should be easily accessible so that potential customers can easily find them. But why is it so important that your landing pages are relevant?

What do virtual runways have to do with SEO ?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your website more visible in search engines like Google's organic search results. Organic search results are all search results that do not involve search engine advertising, also known as SEA.

A well-designed and optimized landing page can significantly improve your SEO . The more relevant and search engine optimized landing pages you have, the more likely it is that your site will appear in search results. Keywords or search phrases that you want to rank higher in search results should have landing pages assigned to them on your website. But how can you SEO optimize your digital landing pages?

Optimize your landing pages - a guide

Optimizing your landing pages is an essential part of a good SEO strategy. Here are some tips on how to improve your landing pages.

Optimize your existing pages first:

Before you start creating brand new pages, take an in-depth look at the pages you already have. Find the landing pages that are already ranking high for one or more keywords and work on improving them to increase their ranking in search results. Here are some strategies you can use to optimize your existing landing pages:

  • Write engaging, selling and relevant text content
  • Create great meta tags that catch the eye
  • Create good headings and subheadings that contain your keywords
  • Use relevant and original images.

Prioritize high search volume landing pages:
Understand which of your landing pages have high search volume keywords associated with them. These pages have a higher potential to drive traffic to your website, so focus on optimizing these first.

Optimize landing pages with high commercial potential:
Some of your landing pages will have more commercial value than others.
For example, if you run an online store selling clothing, a landing page dedicated to your most popular clothing items will be more important to optimize than a page about your less popular products.

When it comes to creating effective landing pages, it's also necessary to consider your specific product categories. For example, if you sell clothes virtually, you should create dedicated landing pages for all your product categories - for example, jackets, shoes, dresses, etc. This way, your webshop is more likely to pop up when a user searches for "jackets".

What is the connection between landing pages and Google Ads campaigns ?

When you run a Google Adscampaign, the Google Ads consultant's purpose is often to get users to click on the campaign. When a user clicks on this campaign, they will land on a landing page.

A well-designed and optimized landing page can improve your ad's quality score in Google Ads, resulting in lower cost per click and higher rankings in ad results. Furthermore, effective landing pages increase the likelihood of your landing page generating conversions, which means that a user performs a desired action. This action could, for example, be buying products in your webshop, signing up for your newsletter or buying your e-book.

Good landing pages lead to better Google Ads campaigns, which generate more conversions, and better rankings in the organic search results, which drive traffic to your website - and thus more conversions. In other words, SEO-optimized landing pages are the key to your website's success in the digital landscape.

Do you need help creating landing pages that work? At WebAmp we are a professional SEO agency that can help you optimize your virtual landing pages so your website can really fly.

Are you ready to test your knowledge?

Hopefully, you now know what landing pages are and why it's so important that they're good. Are you ready to test your knowledge?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page a user sees when they click on a link from, for example, an ad or search results. The purpose of a landing page is to encourage the user to perform a specific action, such as buying a product.

Why are landing pages important?

They are important because they are designed to convert visitors into customers. Well-optimized landing pages also improve your visibility on search engines.

How do you optimize your landing page SEO?

Focus on relevant content, balanced use of keywords, proper use of meta tags, image optimization and fast loading time.

What is the relationship between landing pages and Google Ads?

Landing pages are what users land on after clicking your Google Ads ad. A well-optimized landing page can improve your ad quality score, which can result in lower cost per click and higher ad placement.

How can you improve the user experience on your landing page?

Make the landing page easy to navigate, quick to load and make sure the content is easy to read and understand. The design should be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your brand.

How do landing pages help increase conversion rates?

Landing pages are designed to encourage the user to perform a specific action, which can increase conversion rates if the page is well designed and optimized.

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