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Rank tracker

What is a rank tracker? Why use it? Is it necessary to use in conjunction with SEO? Don't worry, you'll get all your questions answered in this short guide.

Nicolai Vittrup
Last updated: May 16, 2023

Rank tracker: keyword tracking

A rank tracker can help you get an overview of your rankings in Google's search results - which is why many people use it for SEO. It allows you to monitor keyword progress as well as decline, so you can keep up to date with optimization.

You can track both your keyword rankings on phone and on desktop.

Which rank tracker is best?

Need a rank tracker? Here are a few examples. You can make use of the different "trial periods" to find the rank tracker that meets all your needs.

Examples of rank trackers:

Rank trackers for SEO

Is it necessary to use a rank tracker when working with SEO? Opinions are divided on this.

I assume that you have already set up Google Search Console on your website, and here you can also see your keyword rankings and the number of exposures and clicks. A rank tracker allows you to get a quick overview of your rankings, but there is other data that is far more important than keyword rankings. This is something you should always keep in mind when working with SEO.

I would personally recommend investing in Ahrefs, which is user-friendly and contains most of the data relevant to a SEO specialist. Ahrefs is much more than a rank tracker. It allows you to do competitor analysis, in-depth link analysis, keyword analysis, technical SEO and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is a rank tracker?

A rank tracker is a tool that tracks your rankings in the organic search results on Google. It is particularly used in search engine optimisation, where it is important to have an overview of the development of your rankings.

What does a rank tracker cost?

The price of the different rank trackers is very different, like so much else some of them are at the lower end and others at the high end.

Ahref's packages cost between DKK 700 and DKK 900 per month.

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