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Google Shopping

Imagine online shopping and advertising fused into one powerful combination - that's Google Shopping. A platform that allows retailers to showcase their products in a visually appealing way in search results on the world's largest search engine, Google. It's a bit like having your own virtual shop window.

Rasmus Jacques
- PPC specialist
Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a platform that online stores use to display their products on Google searches. It allows you to present your products with images, prices and names so people can get an idea of what you offer before visiting your website.

Let's take an example so that everyone understands what Google Shopping is in practice. Here I've searched for 'red shoes' on Google - and here I get Google's shopping feed with a large selection of products that match my query. 

Now I can scroll through the products and click on the results I find most interesting. 

Google Shopping feed

Do you know what the most interesting thing about Google Shopping is? You only pay when people click on your ads and show a real interest - also known as PPC - the payment method that, among other things Google Ads is built on. In addition, you can schedule when the ads are shown to optimize your ROI.

Shopping ads tend to provide higher conversion rates compared to regular Google Ads text ads. But it's important to make sure your ads are properly set up, monitored and optimized to achieve the desired success.

Why use Google Shopping

Okay, let's outline all the reasons why you should make use of Google Shopping Ads in your online business and why it's an opportunity you shouldn't miss out on:

  1. Increased visibility: First of all, Google Shopping ads allow you to showcase your products in search results with images and prices. This makes your store more visible to people searching for products you sell.
  2. Traffic (prop): After increased visibility comes traffic. You will see more people visiting your webshop through your Google Shopping ads and, not least, a big increase in your click-through rate(CTR).
  3. Increased conversion rate: Potential customers get a sneak peek of your products and prices before they visit your online store, making it more likely that they will make a purchase when they land on your site.
  4. Effective advertising: And with Google Shopping, you don't have to choose the keywords manually. Your ads will automatically show up for relevant searches based on your product information.
  5. Fun reporting: Google Shopping reporting gets exciting as you gain ongoing insights into how your products are performing, helping you hone your campaign for better results.
  6. Competitive advantage: Finally, with Google Shopping, you can gain insights about your competitors that can be used to plan and customize your campaigns and ads to outperform theirs.

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