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Paid traffic revenue increase of 145% and total revenue increase of 117%. Google Ads strategy exploded poster store's online order lists.

Selected results

117 %
Total increase in turnover in 2020
145 %
Increase in revenue from paid traffic in 2020
Organic keywords in the top 3 on Google
50 %
Increase in organic traffic in 2020
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I've worked with Webamp in several companies, and they've proven their worth every time. The dialogue has always been good, factual and easily understood even by the layman, which means a lot to me. So if you need to get your business up and running, have a chat with Webamp.
David Furland Ree
Managing Partner
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From in-store regulars to growing order lists

Permild & Rosengreen has since 1947 published art prints - from lithographs to art posters and everything in between. The hallmark of Permild & Rosengreen is uncompromising quality, and in addition to their webshop, their products are marketed and sold to selected customers in Denmark and abroad, just as they - in their own words - are proud suppliers to Tivoli Gardens, Louisiana and Korsbæk on Bakken, among others.


Information about the customer


From January 2017


Webamp should help bring Permild & Rosengreen to the top of Google's search results. In addition, there was a desire to create an online credibility that matched Permild & Rosengreen's many years as one of the oldest poster shops in Denmark.


Solution model

To secure Permild & Rosengreen's place at the top of Google's search results, a strategic three-pronged approach was adopted: SEO, Google Ads and Google Shopping.

For Google Ads , we focused particularly on dynamic campaigns to ensure that the advertising hit the mark for Permild & Rosengreen's very broad range. On the SEO site, we focused primarily on content optimisation of category pages - partly to get to the top of Google's organic search results, but also to keep click-through rates down on Google Ads .

In this way, organic and paid marketing have proved to be indispensable partners for each other - to the noticeable benefit of Permild & Rosengreen's turnover.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping

Exploding online word lists

Webamp's efforts have caused the word lists at Permild & Rosengreen to explode, to say the least. In 2020, total revenue increased by 117% compared to the previous year, while revenue from paid traffic increased by 145% compared to 2019.

But Permild & Rosengreen has also experienced massive growth on the organic front. As of May 2021, the poster retailer can boast of being in Google's top 3 on no less than 1,070 organic keywords, just as an increase in organic traffic of almost 50% in 2020 also testifies to a successful SEO effort.

In this way, Permild & Rosengreen's case has been a prime example of how 360-degree online marketing, with a focus on multi-channel interaction, can deliver indispensable value to customers.