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From modest local knowledge to strong online presence. Modern web solution and targeted SEO strategy put construction company on digital map.

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We partnered with Webamp, as we wanted a new website and help with ongoing SEO work. In our contact with the agency, we have experienced great flexibility, ability to translate our needs and expressions into a professional website and thorough, professional SEO work. Most importantly, we are not just customers of Webamp but are part of a partnership where we feel like the most important customer to our contacts, as I'm sure their other customers do too.
Tina Gadekjær Hansen
Webmaster in A. Villadsen
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Comprehensive web solution supported strong SEO strategy

A. Villadsen is a construction company in Roskilde that has been providing construction solutions for private and commercial customers in both the local and Copenhagen area for over 60 years. The company was originally a pure masonry company but has today expanded with an electrical department, and the people behind the company also run A. Villadsenhuse, which specializes in designing and building functional houses with a focus on elegance and functionality.

Over the years, A. Villadsen has become something of an institution in Roskilde and the surrounding area. This is partly due to the craftsmen's extensive industry experience and knowledge of otherwise almost extinct masonry techniques, which enables the company to do everything from modern new construction to renovation of buildings worthy of preservation.


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From March 2019


Da A. Villadsen started working with Webamp in spring 2019, the company's name was already cemented in the minds of its loyal local clientele. But the foundations of the traditional firm's online presence were less solid. After all, A. Villadsen had a website - but traffic was modest, and design, structure and user experience were lagging behind.

Webamp's task was therefore to strengthen A. Villadsen's online visibility with a modern web solution that matched the company's professional and visual identity. And then we had to ensure that the website was visible in search results and converted Google users into orders and assignments.


Solution model

To get the most out of the task, Webamp's SEO and web departments worked closely together. Our web designers went to work coding and designing, while our SEO specialists analysed keywords, devised link-building strategies, set up tracking and wrote compelling and search engine-friendly content for the new website.

Since the website went live at the end of May 2019, the web department has continuously optimised the speed, menu structure, mobile-friendliness and other elements of the website to create an optimal user experience. In parallel, the SEO department has been working on SERP optimization, internal and external link building, and recipient-oriented copy - all with one goal in mind: to get the website to rank and drive relevant traffic that converts.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • UX


Avilladsen.dk is currently in a stable first place for the keyword 'Murer Roskilde', just as the website is in the top 10 for keywords such as 'Murerfirma København' and 'Totalrenovering'.

In other words, the collaboration with Webamp has put the local Roskilde company on the digital map - but also the geographical one. This is reflected in the site's visitors, the majority of whom come from Copenhagen and thus outside A. Villadsen's local area.