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Among the many elements that make up a website, headings are an unobtrusive but crucial part of the structure. Think of them as pillars in a building, supporting and guiding you through the content. On the surface, they may seem like just pieces of text, but they actually carry an essential task - to organize and present information in a way that is easy to understand and navigate

Andrea Jensen
- copywriter
Last updated: Nov 3, 2023

What are headings?

Headings on a web page act as large, clear signposts that mark different sections of the page. They help visitors find the relevant content and give an idea of what's coming in the different sections.

A text should have a single H1 heading and be structured with a series of subheadings (H2s) that divide the text into paragraphs - and sometimes also sub-subheadings (H3s).

Think of the H1 heading as the title of a book that gives you the main information about the content. When you see H2 headings, it's like reading the small headings under each section of the book - they give you more detailed information about the content in the section.

Headings on a web page act as navigation points that make it easier for both visitors and search engines to understand what the page is about.

This is how headings are written in HTML:


The importance of headlines for your SEO...

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), headlines play an important role for several reasons:

  • Search engine understanding: Search engines use headings to understand the context and topic of a page. The H1 heading is assumed to describe the primary topic, while the subsequent headings (H2, H3, etc.) elaborate on the subtopics.
  • Ease of use: Clear and structured headings help visitors scan the content quickly and find what they're looking for. This improves user experience and keeps people on your site longer.
  • Search engine ranking: Using relevant keywords in your headlines can help your page's visibility in search results. Search engines take headlines into account as an indicator of what the content is about.
  • Visual hierarchy: Headings help create a clear visual hierarchical structure on your website. This makes it easier for visitors and search engines to understand which parts of the content are more or less important.
  • Readability: Well-organized headings make content more readable and make it easier to break up information into less digestible chunks.

As a SEO agency, we can help you implement correct headings on your website to improve your site SEO, but also to create a more coherent and user-friendly experience for your visitors.

Contact us to learn more about our SEO services and get help optimizing your website or webshop or learn more about SEO in our great SEO guide.

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