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What is a Google Ads specialist?

As the name reveals, a Google Ads specialist is an expert in Google Adswho can help your business utilize all of Google's advertising tools. For many businesses, it makes sense to invest in Google Ads as it can increase conversions, customer enquiries and sales.

Google Ads makes paid marketing effective. It mixes several ingredients into a powerful cocktail that includes:

1) The most used search engines.

2) The words users search for.

3) Millions of websites.

4) A procurement system based on cost-per-click. A recipe that ultimately delivers relevant traffic and conversions on your website.

All this and more is what the Google Ads specialist is working on every day. It is the job of the Google Ads specialist to make companies' ads visible to the right people on exactly the search terms that are relevant to that company, products and services.

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Ads specialists create visibility on Google

Why should you choose a Google Ads specialist?

Does it sail, or do you sail? That's the question to ask yourself about your Google Ads account. As click-through rates on Google Ads get higher and higher, and visibility on search engines becomes more and more important, there are several advantages to having a Google Ads specialist on board your voyage.

The data on Google Ads and the targeting and setup are more complex than ever. For beginners, Google Ads can feel like sailing without any sense of direction. A Google Ads specialist can help you take the reins and make sure you pick the right search terms, get good click-through rates, and help keep your return on investment (ROI) high.

If you have a Google Ads specialist associated with your company, you can get help to tailor your ads to specific audiences or possibly spread them out on ad formats like Google Shopping or Youtube Ads. In other words, with a Google Ads specialist at the helm, you'll be in good stead.

A Google Ads specialist has many tasks

What does a Google Ads specialist do ?

A Google Ads specialist has many tasks. Which buttons to push and turn depends very much on the individual company.

The tasks typically consist of:

  • Creating text ads on Google
  • Setting up Google Shopping
  • Bid adjustment on ads
  • Low keyword analysis
  • Find negative keywords
  • Test different ads and messages
  • Remarketing
  • Display advertising
  • Dynamic advertising
  • Monitoring, optimising and reporting on key KPIs such as ROAS, CTR etc.
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What we can do for you

  • Increased sales of targeted products or services.
  • Increased traffic to the website and thus increased.
  • awareness of your brand - either via Google itself or their partner networks such as EB, BT, TV2 etc.
  • More inquiries by phone or e-mail.
  • More newsletter subscriptions.
  • More downloads of lead-generating documents and files.
  • More downloads of apps from the website or directly from Google search.

In short - more business

Increase sales of targeted products or services with Ads.

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