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In Webamp you’ll be met with professional text writers with journalistic and rhetorical tools in their bags. You are thereby secured professional web texts that hit your customer segment and the tone of voice of your business when Webamp delivers content for your website, webshop or blog

But why spend resources on web texts at all? Simply because content is king in the hierarchy of tools that can make your website or webshop visible in the search results.

Because with well written and user friendly content on your website, you strengthen your customer loyalty, as you tell Google that your website is specifically worth a visit. 

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Google loves content

Content is king”. The quote comes from the software-guru Bill Gates’ famous essay of the same title from 1996.  

With his, now world famous, mantra, Gates predicted that it was content that would be the basis of existence of the internet. And even though it was in the early days of the internet when Gates proclaimed this, the quote is still highly relevant.

The biggest search engine of the world, Google, values quality content highly when it is assessing if a website should be shown amongst the top search results. Content is, in other words, one of the most important activities within SEO (search engine optimization).

That’s why you must never neglect producing content for your website - unless you want to make due with placement in the bottom of the search results, where the chances of being found are more or less equal to winning the grand prize in the lottery without having bought a ticket.

For good measure we want to highlight that the quality of the content is paramount. Namely because Google constantly strives to clean up the search results to avoid that the internet becomes a dumping ground.

That’s why you should deliver unique and relevant content with value for users, if you want to be found on Google - a discipline under the name of content marketing. What is content marketing?.

What is content marketing?

Marketing is an indispensable foundation for the success of all businesses. No knowledge, no customers. That’s why most companies spend resources on promoting their products or solutions.

A lot of marketing efforts unfortunately end up having the business behind it in focus, instead of the customer, who is the obvious receiver of the message.

That sort of navel-gazing communication results in the organization only speaking about itself - without mentioning the yield of the receiver.

In other words, they don’t relate to their potential customers and thereby undermine the very foundation of their organization.

Content marketing is centered around creating content with value for the reader and therefore puts the target segment in focus. You don’t just offer your customers products and solutions - but also your professional expertise.

It can be the dentist that provides its patients with good advice on dental hygiene. The real estate lawyer that shares knowledge on conveyancing and completion statements. Or the painter that writes about wallpapering.

The point is that all businesses kan create content marketing - small as well as large. “No company is too small to participate”, as Bill Gates wrote it in his 1996 essay.

Why use content marketing?

As mentioned, quality content can be your ticket to the top of the search results. Written in SEO language, you can get more exposure by writing good content.

But exposure doesn’t always equal to conversions. If a visitor on your website isn’t ready to buy, you can offer as many special offers and slogans without the visitor converting into a paying customer.

This is where content marketing enters the frame. Because when you help potential customers that are positioned early in the sales funnel, you mature them for a purchase at a later point by giving them an exclusive, and free, taste of your products and services.

This is how you create and maintain relations that will make your business appear stronger and more trustworthy than the competitors. And this will eventually mean that your readers return to your company when they finally decide to purchase.

Content marketing in short increases your chances to get seen by your target audience and to convert your visitors into paying customers.

This is how we work with content in Webamp

In Webamp we write content that is based on the reality of your business.

That means that we always have your target audience and industry in focus when we work with content marketing. We therefore analyze what your target audience requests and tailor the content thereafter.

All of our text writers furthermore have experience with search engine optimization. You are thereby secured that the content on your website isn’t simply user friendly - but also search engine friendly.

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