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If you have a website or webshop, you’ve probably asked yourself that question. And with good reason. Because the search results on page 1 of Google receive up to 92% of all traffic on the search engine giant. A top 10 placement is therefore attractive – and indispensable if you want to be discovered by your target audience. 

Do you want to become visible in the search results of Google – as well as Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for that matter? Then you can’t get around search engine optimization – or SEO, as it’s called in technical terms. 

Let the SEO specialists of Webamp help you with your SEO strategy. As a SEO agency, we help our customers get ahead of their competitors on the search engines. 

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What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. 

But what is SEO – and how can it benefit your business? 

In short, SEO is the work of optimizing your website, to have it placed high up in the search results – on keywords that are relevant for your business. One thing is to have a website. Something else is to have it be seen by your target segment.

Without a targeted effort, your website will most likely live a lonely life in the darkest corners of Google – far away from the attention of your potential customers. That’s why SEO is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy, if you want to have traffic on your website.

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How do we work with SEO in Webamp?

SEO is a dynamic process that depends on a lot of factors. Google actually uses more than 200 factors that altogether determine which placement you get on the individual keywords in the search results. You can view it as one big equation, wherein every single factor has an effect on how visible your website will be.

That’s why there isn’t one firm recipe of how to get to the top of Google – just like the results don’t come from one day to the next. Because of this, we work both holistically, tailored and not the least long term oriented when we do SEO at Webamp. You are thereby always secured a safe SEO strategy that matches your needs.

SEO can however be parted into 4 overall areas:

Choose an area below and read more:

  • Keyword analysis

    The keyword analysis is the very foundation of being able to search engine optimize your website. In the keyword analysis we find our way to the words and phrases that your target audience searches for when it’s looking for a product or the service you offer.  

    In the keyword analysis we look at your competitors’ biggest keywords, your potential customers intention behind searching, what’s moving in your industry, and other trends. In collaboration with you, we furthermore evaluate the keyword analysis on an ongoing basis to keep your keywords up to date.

    If you want a slightly more nuanced understanding of the process of finding the right keyword, we recommend reading Webamp’s blogpost about keyword analysis.

  • On-page optimization

    On-page SEO is all the work we can do on the website itself. We make sure, on an ongoing basis, that your website is comprehendible to the “bots” of Google (the program that Google sends to review your website) – and of course to your potential customers.

    Google and other search engines review your website from a perspective of user-friendliness – hereunder factors like page structure, relevant descriptions, correct setup of headlines, and meta descriptions and page titles (the bits of text you see under the search results of Google).   

    But Google also judges the texts on your website – if they’re well written and not the least valuable and relevant to your target audience. That’s why captivating text writing also is an important measure in the work of on-page optimization of a website. In Webamp, our text writers make sure that the texts on your website are captivating, linguistically correct and not the least, search engine friendly. 

    Read about how you, yourself, write a good, search optimized landing page.

  • Technical SEO

    The content and structure of your website is important. But if the technical elements don’t work, Google won’t find the page readable, just like it won’t be user-friendly for your potential customers. That’s why optimization of the technical factors – technical SEO – also is a vital part of your SEO optimization. 

    In technical SEO, we look at a range of technical factors. That can, amongst others, be the quality of the source code, if the page is mobile-friendly, or if there’s heavy photos and other elements on the site that makes it slow. 

    The purpose of technical SEO is basically to get your website to perform to optimum effect. Partly to give the users the best experience, but also to make it more readable to Google – and to thereby raise your chances of getting to the top of Google.

  • Off-page SEO and linkbuilding

    As a SEO agency we, especially, also work with off-page SEO.

    Off-page SEO is the external optimization of your website. Off-page optimization has the purpose of strengthening your websites credibility to Google, in the shape of links from other pages. It can be links from everything from suppliers and factual books, to bloggers and news media – said in short, all external sources with a relevant connection to your core business. 

    The work of getting links is, in technical terms, called link building. You can compare external link building to the popular boy in class. The more credible sources that speak highly of him, the bigger the chances are that you open your eyes to his qualities too. Effective link building will, in the same way, secure that Google – and thereby your customers – notices the qualities of your website.

    Link building can however also be internal. Internal link building is focused around linking the subpages on your website and has the purpose of improving the user experience and the internal structure of the page. If you want a greater understanding of the practice of link building, you can read Webamps blogpost about linkbuilding.

This is what you get in a SEO subscription with Webamp

Webamp offers 3 different SEO subscriptions: Premium, Premium Plus and Paramount. Which subscription that fits you best depends on your needs and budget. Have a chat with us at 70 60 50 28, if you want to hear more about the advantages of the different subscriptions.  

No matter which subscription you sign up for, our collaboration always starts with a meeting and good dialogue. This secures that our basis is in the reality of your business, when we do your SEO marketing.

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