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Do you know about the many possibilities that Youtube advertising opens up? Maybe you already have pre-produced videos just waiting to reach your potential customers. Maybe you're itching to get started. 

Want expert advice to get you started or make the most of your ads? 

Youtube advertising for growing businesses

Advertising that leads to conversions

As a marketing agency, we've helped ambitious businesses get visible in Google and social media search results - from fast-growing web shops to international corporations.

Despite the diversity of our client portfolio, there is one common thread running through every collaboration we enter into: Tailored solutions that match each company's reality, values and vision.

And while our customers are diverse, they all share a common desire. They want to grow, increase their sales and create brand awareness.  

If you have a business, you'll want the same thing. And that's where marketing can be an indispensable asset - and Webamp , as a marketing agency, can be your company's most important asset.

If you'd like us to take a closer look at your marketing strategy, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Reach customers with Youtube advertising

Succeed with Youtube Ads

Youtube advertising allows you to market your business through the world's second largest search engine. And if your campaign is set up correctly, you can effectively reach the right audience for your product.

You may already have videos ready to go, just waiting to reach your potential customers. Maybe you're itching to get started. But maybe you need some expert advice to get you started.

If you're not convinced why Youtube is a brilliant marketing channel, read on and find out how Youtube advertising works, the benefits it brings you and how we work with it at Webamp.

Wherever you are in the process, feel free to have a chat with one of our specialists on tel. 70 60 50 28 or leave a message in our contact form.

Youtube ads - video advertising

How do ads work on Youtube?

On Youtube, there are more than 2 billion views a day. So it's no surprise that Youtube is an incredibly effective marketing channel - if your campaigns are set up correctly.

You have most likely used Youtube yourself and been exposed to various advertisements. Most likely, this has happened before or after you have clicked on a given video. Because you have been on the "other side" of the screen, you may not have noticed the difference in advertising format. In fact, there are several different ways you can advertise your business, product or service.

Formats within Youtube advertising:

  • Instream ads that can be skipped.
  • Instream ads that can't be skipped.
  • Video discovery ads.
  • Bumper ads.

Let's explore the different formats and how they work.

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TrueView format

Instream and discovery ads

The Instream and Discovery ads belong to the category of ads called TrueView. The special thing about TrueView ads is that you don't pay anything for the exposure unless a user interacts.

An interaction can be either in the form of a click, a like, or by how long they watch the promotional video. In the following section, we will explain when you actually pay for your promotional video.

Youtube advertising with TrueView format
Skippable ads on Youtube

Instream ads that can be skipped

This type of ad is shown either before, during or after a YouTube video. After 5 seconds, viewers are given the option to skip the ad and decide whether they want to finish watching it.

When do you pay?

You only pay when a viewer finishes watching the video - or watches more than 30 seconds if the video is longer. For you, that means not paying for meaningless exposure that doesn't bring you conversions anyway - smart, right?

Youtube advertising creates growth
Instream ads
Instream ads that can't be skipped
Play video

Instream ads that can't be skipped

Instream ads that cannot be skipped are displayed in the same way as the ads that can be skipped. The difference is that these videos can last a maximum of 15 seconds. Instead, the viewer is forced to watch all 15 seconds in order to view the selected youtube video.

The great thing about instream ads, therefore, is that they allow you to show your entire message to the viewer who is relevant to your campaign.

With this type of advertising, you pay for each exposure. In return, you don't have to capture your viewer's attention in the first 5 seconds. 

Ads on Youtube with captivating content

Video discovery ads

Discovery ads work in a slightly different way than instream ads. Before a discovery ad is shown, the user must take the initiative to view it.

The ad itself will therefore consist of a small thumbnail from the video and an accompanying text. Therefore, it is super important that thought and time has been put into the small image, which should encourage the viewer to click on your promotional video.

So where does the ad appear?

Instead of appearing before YouTube videos, the ad will appear either on YouTube's homepage or in conjunction with related videos.

How do you pay?

Because the user has to take the initiative to watch the video, you only pay when your video is clicked.


Bumper Ads

Bumper ads last only 6 seconds and are the right solution if your primary concern is to raise awareness of your company, service or product. It always plays before, during or after another video, so the viewer doesn't have the chance to click away.

Bumper ads are therefore in the same category as instream ads, which cannot be skipped. They're just shorter.

How do you pay?

With this format, you pay for each exposure. The advantage is that you can get your message out quickly and effectively.

If you want to know more about how we can help you choose the right format, please give us a call on tel. 70 60 50 28 or send an info@webamp.dk.


Advertising on Youtube - how we do it

At Webamp we can help you with advice, campaign set-up and subsequent tracking. In other words: We can take care of everything other than the actual production of your videos. We let you be the expert in your field and instead we focus on what we specialise in.

For your videos to have the impact you want, it's vital that they reach the right audience - and we'll help make sure they do.

Youtube was acquired by Google in 2006, which means that ads on Youtube are placed through what is called Google Ads. So it's our skilled and experienced Google Ads specialists who will make sure your campaigns reach the right viewers.

Videos for Youtube ads

Advice in connection with the video

While you're in charge of producing the videos themselves, we'll be on the sidelines, making sure they meet the requirements of the format we've jointly chosen. This also includes advising you on the actual content of your videos.

The important thing about advertising on Youtube is not whether it was shot with a top professional camera. What matters is capturing the viewer's attention - and that's what we do best.

Get ads on Youtube that convert

We set up targeted campaigns

If your ad is going to convert - that is, turn viewers into customers - it's vital that it reaches viewers who are also potential customers.

Let's give an example:

You have a travel company and of course you want to sell some more trips. But how do you know who your potential customers are?

This is where we come in. Our specialists analyse who could potentially be in the market to buy a trip. This could be someone who has searched for specific countries or visited one of your competitors' websites.

That way, we know that this particular person could potentially be interested in your video ad. In addition, there are many other parameters that influence who we choose to target with your ads.

Together with you, we will draw up a detailed strategy so that you are constantly in agreement with the plan that has been laid out for you and your company. In other words, the target group for your product or service is carefully selected on the basis of specific data from our specialists.

Have your ads reviewed by a specialist

Are you curious about how we can help you get started with YouTube advertising? Or how we can make your existing videos convert? As a Google Ads agency, we are ready to advise you on your online advertising.

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