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Are you finding that your Google Ads is showing up on the wrong search terms? Or are you paying high click-through rates while your return on investment (ROI) is on the low end?

At Webamp we work with Google Ads and display advertising to ensure your business is visible online. 

Display advertising that delivers value

Create results with display advertising

As a digital marketing agency, we help ambitious companies optimise their advertising.

Despite the diversity of our client portfolio, there is one common thread running through every collaboration we enter into: focused advice and tailored solutions that match each company's reality, values and vision.

What all our customers have in common is that they want to be visible where their customers are. We help businesses with PPC advertising so they are visible to the right audiences and on the search terms relevant to their business, products and services.

Do you have a business that is already doing PPC? Or do you want to get introduced to this smart tool? As a Google Ads agency, Webamp can be your company's most important asset in the battle for customer attention.

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Get visibility with display advertising

Display advertising gives visibility on the web

But what is display advertising? How do we work with it in Webamp? And how can your business get help with display advertising and banner ads? You can find out here.

Would you rather spend time on your core business than reading about online marketing? Contact Webamp on 70 60 50 28 or info@webamp.dk and let an experienced agency handle your advertising.

As a Google partner, we are always up to date with the latest knowledge.


Engage customers in the interest phase

Imagine one of two scenarios:

You have bought a product in a webshop. A few weeks later, you see a digital banner ad for another product from the same webshop - on a completely different website, mind you.


You come across a digital banner ad for a product you might be interested in buying - even though you might not have considered you had the need.

In both cases, you've come across display advertising - also known as banner advertising.

Display ads are part of Google Ads, which for many is synonymous with the text ads you see in Google search results. Google Ads However, display advertising is more than text ads and also includes banner advertising and youtube advertising.

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Tailor-made ads

With banner ads, you can customise your advertising based on different parameters, targeting your advertising to the exact audience you want to reach with your marketing.

For example, you can customise your advertising based on:

  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Topics
  • Interests and values
  • Time
  • Remarketing.
The process behind display advertising

Express your corporate visual identity

We humans are visual creatures with a tendency to respond much more strongly to images than to text. That's why we remember visual content far better than we remember text. In fact, we remember about 80% of what we see - where we only remember about 20% of what we read.

With display advertising, you therefore have a greater opportunity to cement awareness of your business in the minds of potential customers. Moreover, the visual aspect of banner advertising allows you to express your company's visual expression.

Just think of companies like Nike, Apple and Google. What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of them? Most likely their logos.

With well-designed and eye-catching banner ads, you can also create brand awareness.

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Reach users who have previously visited your website or webshop without buying a product or booking a service.

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Youtube Ads

Youtube advertising allows you to market your business through the world's second largest search engine.

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Are you in deep water? By using an experienced specialist in Google Ads, you ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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Not sure if you're getting enough from your ads on Google? Get a free performance analysis and make the most of your ads. 

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Hit customers in all parts of the customer journey

When a Google user searches Google, they typically need a need met - but are not necessarily ready to buy a product or service. Therefore, text ads will typically target users at the beginning of the customer journey.

Your advertising can hit wide and reach potential customers at the start of the customer journey. But it can also target narrowly and reach customers who already have a need met. 

This is called remarketing.

How we work with ads on Google

How we work with display advertising

At Webamp , we always work in a targeted way, based on the reality of your business. As your Google Ads and display agency we always do the following when we are in charge of your display advertising:

  • We formulate clear messages.
  • We invite your customers to click.
  • We create relevant landing pages for the ads.
  • We select your target group.
  • We optimise and tailor your display advertising on an ongoing basis.
Good landing pages give good results

Relevant landing pages make for happy visitors

It is not always appropriate to send a potential customer to the front page of your website or webshop. One of the advantages of banner ads is that you can target your advertising to the desired audience. Therefore it is also important that your ads send relevant users to relevant subpages or categories.

Imagine you come across an advert for Scanpan grill pans - a product you've been considering buying for some time. So you click on the ad. But instead of landing on a category page with Scanpan grill pans, you're sent to the front page of a huge webshop selling everything from coffee machines, frying pans and vacuum cleaners to audio equipment and personal care products.

The site may also sell the grill pan you were looking for - but you'll have to make an effort to find it yourself.

When we work with display advertising in Webamp, we make sure that your ads deliver what they promise - and send the user to relevant subpages or product categories.

Optimization of ads

Ongoing optimization of ads

Online marketing is a dynamic process. That means you can't just set up a campaign and leave it. Instead, you need to monitor your ads continuously.

If you entrust your display advertising to Webamp, you are always assured of continuous optimisation and adaptation of your ads. This ensures that your ads reach the right channels in Google's display network - and that they get exposure, clicks and conversions.

When you work with us on your ads, you decide the scope of your display advertising. For example, you decide whether you want to pay for conversions only, or whether you also want to pay for exposures and clicks. Maybe your ads will get lots of clicks. But if the traffic is not relevant, it may pay better to pay only for conversions.

FAQ - display advertising

What is display advertising?

Display advertising, also called banner advertising, is advertising that can include images, videos and other virtual effects. You can display your display ads on Google's Display Network.

What are the benefits of display advertising?

"A picture is worth a thousand words". The big advantage of display advertising, compared to regular text ads, is that you can express your company's visual expression through visual effects. 

Is display advertising valuable for my business?

It is valuable for all businesses to make use of display advertising. However, it is important that the ads are set up correctly so that you get your message across. This is where it would be beneficial to enlist the help of a Google Ads specialist.

Get started with display advertising

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