From start-up to steadily increasing sales: Interaction between Google Ads and SEO led to increased sales.

Selected results

290 %
Increased webshop turnover in December 2019 (compared to December 2018)
235 %
Increase in page views in December 2019 (compared to December 2018)
526 %
Increase in conversions in December 2019 (compared to December 2018)
Number of landing pages on page 1 of Google
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As a customer of Webamp there is always the possibility of sparring. The director, Nicolai, is available when the need arises, and if there are questions he cannot answer himself, he puts us in touch with the right specialist. And Webamp has a size where you feel seen - you don't drown in the crowd of customers. A subscription to Webamp is not just a purchase. It's a partnership.
Frederik Jensen
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Extensive online advertising gave sales a solid boost

Butik24 is a Danish webshop selling consumer electronics and household products from both well-known and niche brands. The company is only a few years old, but today offers a universal range of almost every conceivable product for both entertainment and household.

Despite the large assortment and the webshop format, Butik24 is a company with quality and customer care at the centre - or in co-owner Frederik Jensen's own words: "We provide the service we want ourselves".


Information about the customer



From October 2018


As a new player in a highly competitive market, Butik24's biggest challenge was online visibility - or rather the lack of it. Webamp's task was therefore to make Butik24 visible in search results and increase turnover. The goal was ranking as well as conversion.


Solution model

To give Butik24's online presence an immediate boost, Webamp launched a targeted Google Ads campaign. The campaign aimed to highlight a number of selected products while ensuring that Butik 24's investment in online marketing paid off. And with a ROAS of 750% so far, the investment has paid off.

In addition, we have continuously search engine optimized the webshop - including link building and well-written product texts. The written content work has also been aimed at retaining and captivating site visitors - and thus ensuring that traffic from Google Ads converts into paying customers.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • content marketing
  • Conversion Optimization


The cooperation with Webamp has been beneficial for the aspiring webshop. The increasing turnover has mainly come via Google Ads, but the SEO collaboration and the interaction between Google Ads and SEO have also paid off. This has been reflected in the number of landing pages on page 1 of Google's search results and the overall increase in conversions.