Saxil Bicycles - Black Friday campaign

Social Ads strategy implementation gave bike shop 83% increase in webshop revenue in November 2020 compared to previous year.

Selected results

Results - 2020 vs. 2019
83 %
Increase in turnover during campaign
70 %
Increase in turnover during Black Weekend 2020
75 %
Increase in ad return during campaign
186 %
Increase in newsletter subscriptions during campaign
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Black Friday lead campaign boosts sales

Saxil Cykler is a Danish bicycle dealer, founded by the famous Danish cyclist Børge Saxil in 1952. Today the shop is located in the heart of Østerbro on Østerfælled Torv in Copenhagen.

Next to the physical shop, Saxil Cycles also runs a webshop, where bicycle-loving customers can buy Saxil Cycles' self-produced bicycle series.


Information about the customer


November 2020


Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year - and of course it should be at the Copenhagen bike shop in 2020.

Webamp's task was therefore to be felt: we had to increase awareness of Saxil Bicycles, collect leads and not least create conversions in both the physical store and on the website.

In other words: We needed to create hot, ready-to-buy customers in the run-up to Black Friday and boost sales - not just on Black Friday itself, but in the month leading up to it.


Solution model

To ensure Saxil Cycles got hot leads, our Social Ads department launched a lead campaign on Facebook. The campaign, which ran throughout November, was designed to make it easier for potential customers to sign up to the newsletter directly via Facebook - and thus gain VIP access to Black Friday deals.

In the run-up to Black Friday 2019, Saxil Bicycles had invested in a traffic campaign to generate leads. This meant that customers had to go to the webshop itself to sign up for the exclusive offers.

So there was an extra step in the customer journey leading up to Black Friday 2019 - a step we cut with our 2020 lead campaign. And it certainly paid off for Saxil Bicycles to make life easier for their customers.

We have done the following:

  • Social Ads Strategy
  • E-mail marketing
  • Lead generation

Strategy change rubbed off on sales

The change of course from traffic campaign to lead campaign really had an impact on the results. Saxil Cycles received almost 3 times as many newsletter sign-ups in November 2020 compared to the same month the previous year - and this was reflected in both conversion rates and webshop revenue.

Conversion rates increased by 66% and webshop turnover increased by 83% in November compared to the previous year. During Black Weekend, the webshop saw a 70% increase in sales compared to the same weekend in 2019.

And with a 75% increase in ad return, the Copenhagen bike shop certainly got value for their ad dollars.

In this way, the Saxil Cycles case is a prime example of how a change in strategy can have a decisive impact.

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