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A 73% increase in organic traffic in 2020 led to a 66% increase in turnover - putting local Copenhagen wine shop on the digital map.

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73,36 %
Increase in organic traffic in 2020
66,54 %
Increase in webshop turnover in 2020
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SEO-effort increased sales in both physical and digital store

Østerbro Vin is a wine shop on Østerbrogade in Copenhagen. Here, Philip and his staff welcome customers into a cornucopia of tasty wines, speciality beers, spirits and specialities.

The shop is a bit of an institution on Østerbro - but customers also come from the rest of the Copenhagen area to get expert knowledge about the wide range.


Information about the customer


From February 2018


The goal for Østerbro Vin was quite tangible: more traffic and turnover on the webshop. The physical store was well known and reputable in the local area of Østerbro. But the fledgling webshop had modest traffic and turnover.

Webamp's task was therefore to increase the shop's visibility in the organic results - both on product-specific transactional searches like 'Amaretto' and 'Pisco', but also on more commercially investigative searches like 'Danish speciality beer' and 'wine shop Copenhagen'.


Solution model

To realise Østerbro Vins' desire for increased online visibility, we launched a targeted SEO strategy focusing on content, on-page SEO and technical SEO. The strategy was based on a thorough keyword analysis, which has been continuously adjusted in collaboration with the client.

Specifically, the solution involved extensive optimization of collection and product pages - including compelling and informative product copy, as well as optimization of meta tags, alt text and product images.

At the same time, we overhauled the website's filtering function to create a more user-friendly customer experience, and we have been working on redirecting dead pages, mobile optimisation and other technical optimisation.

Finally, we took a close look at the business; which products were the most profitable, what were the buying patterns of customers? This was to ensure that the web shop did not out-compete the physical store - but supported it.

We have done the following:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Conversion Optimization
  • UX

More customers and more revenue - both in the digital and real world

SEO-strategy has certainly borne fruit. For example, Østerbro Vin is currently in the top 5 for product-specific keywords such as 'pisco', 'møns bryghus' and not least 'amaretto' - a keyword with around 3,000 monthly searches. The wine merchant can also be pleased to be in the top 5 for important commercial searches such as 'wine merchant copenhagen', 'wine shop copenhagen' and 'wine shop copenhagen'.

The wish for customers outside the local area has also been fulfilled. For example, customers from Central Jutland account for almost 10% of all visitors, while customers from the Region of Southern Denmark and the Region of Zealand accounted for 8% and 6% respectively of the shop's customer base in 2019 and 2020.

SEO-However, the effort has not only had an effect on online sales - but also on sales in the physical store. Many enquiries in the shop on Østerbro come from customers who have discovered Østerbro Vin in Google's search results. This means, among other things, that the wine merchant has almost doubled its sales of Pisco in its physical store.

SEO in short, has created increased visibility, more customers and higher turnover for Østerbro Vin - both in the digital and real world.


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