Google Ads-strategy resulted in higher reach, ROAS and peace of mind for Danish furniture giant - how we optimised BoConcept's Danish paid digital marketing.

Selected results

865 %
Increase in exposures
50 %
Increase in clicks
175 %
Increase in conversions
50 %
ROAS on Copenhagen fire campaign
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I get the assurance that we are constantly updated on what's happening on Google. Someone is always doing that job for me in the best possible way. I can recommend Webamp to everyone.
Jon Henriksen
Director of BoConcept in Copenhagen and Ishøj
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Focused Google Ads strategy gave greater reach

BoConcept is a Danish furniture chain that sells designer furniture all over the world. With almost 300 stores in more than 60 countries, the chain has come a long way since its early beginnings in Herning in 1952, and today it can boast of being Denmark's most global furniture brand. In Denmark, BoConcept can be found in Copenhagen, Ishøj and Aarhus.

BoConcept describes itself as a premium lifestyle brand that elevates spaces with iconic and timeless design through Danish creativity and craftsmanship. However, the chain is more than just a retailer of quality furniture - BoConcept prioritises inspiration for interior design, and advice and close cooperation with customers are therefore an important part of the business model.


Information about the customer


From December 2018


First and foremost, BoConcept needed continuous monitoring and optimisation of their Google Ads account to ensure maximum reach and ROAS - and thus get the most out of their paid marketing in Google Search and Google's display network.

But we didn't just want to generate revenue through the webshop, we also wanted to brand the chain on the possibility of tailor-made interior design, adapted to each customer's home and taste.


Solution model

BoConcept's desire to brand itself on interior design was an important part of our ad set-up. Therefore, we set up ad groups in Search with a focus on targeting customers in need of interior stylists, interior designers and interior design help.

Finally, we ran remarketing and banner ads in Google's display network to ensure the highest possible reach among the potential audience.

We have done the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Display advertising
  • Campaign setup
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation


The PPC collaboration with Webamp has been fruitful for BoConcept. Despite Corona, in 2020 the Danish branch of the chain enjoyed an 865% increase in exposure across all campaigns and a 50% ROAS on their Copenhagen brand campaign.

Or as Jon Henriksen, CEO of BoConcept in Copenhagen and Ishøj, puts it: "The payoff for us has been that we get more for our money. All the money is spent optimally".

In this way, working with BoConcept has not only been an example of a happy customer - but also how a focused Google Ads strategy can deliver greater reach and high value for money.