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Google Search Console Insights
The best of both worlds

In mid-June, Google issued an exciting announcement to selected Google Search Console users. The search engine giant would update the integration between Google Analytics and Search Console to ''give users better insight into data about their website''. This week the new feature arrived - and we've taken a look at it!

Google Search Console Insights is something that many online marketers have been waiting for. It provides you with a selection of key figures from Google Analytics and Google Search Console respectively, which you can use to further analyse and optimise - for example, paid or organic traffic.

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Last updated: May 23, 2023

What can you see in Google Search Console Insights?

Google Search Console Insights has a few useful features that can make your life as a PPC or SEO specialist a little more exciting - and easier. The service is currently in a closed beta version, and the possibility of the list of features being expanded is certainly present. Right now, you can view the following:

  1. Which content on your website performs best?
  2. How is the new content performing?
  3. How do users find your content?
  4. Which queries are most popular?
  5. Which external sites link to your content - and have you got any new links?

In general, the focus is on content, traffic to your content and external links. This is particularly valuable for those working in content creation, as it is official data from Google - and therefore must be assumed to be very accurate.

In fact, you can get a better idea of how your content is performing by combining both data sources. And that's exactly the advantage Google itself emphasises on its official Twitter profile:

''Today we're starting to roll out a new experience to beta testers: Search Console Insights. It's a way to provide content creators with the data they need to make informed decisions and improve their content''

What does it look like - and can you access it?

As the service is still in a closed beta version, only selected users have access. You should therefore have received an introductory email on the email account associated with your Google Search Console. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can log in right here.

At Webamp , we've had the chance to try the service ourselves with one of our customers - and we love it! Being able to think in new strategic ways with the combination of these two data sets allows us to further optimise the customer's online presence. We're only looking forward to when Google releases it and opens up the feature on all Google Search Console accounts.


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